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Malassezia - Human Body MQ

Malassezia on humans MQ

Malassezia is Not an Exotic disease that only a few 
Unlucky People happen to ‘catch’some way or other…
Malassezia is Part of the Natural Body Flora
living on Our Body Practically from Birth
but without awareness of its existence
and usually causing No major ill effects
until… something alters the Body’s 
Natural Balance or Immune Defence.

Malassezia Presence % From Birth MQ

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Malassezia Ubiquitous MQ

Some of the Causes that can contribute to Malassezia turning
from a quiet Commensal into a troublesome Pathogen, can be:

* Onset of a Serious Illness Challenging the Immune System.
* Antibiotics, Medications, Frequent exposure to X-Rays
* Stress such as Relationship Break up, Death of a Loved one
    Loss of Job, Moving house etc.
* Poor or Unhealthy Diet and /or Lifestyle and many more.

Malassezia Symptoms

Malassezia Symptoms 1 MQ

Malassezia Yeast: Signs of Presence
Malassezia ~ Candida – Are they the same?

Photos, Characteristics, Symptoms, Treatments:

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