Holding On – Fighting On

Holding On - MQ

For Fifteen Years I have fought a Lung Atypical TB Battle.
I wanted to Live and i Fought hard to Survive
doing All that was Medically available at the time
for an illness that even still not much is known
and even less regarding options of Treatments or Cure.

Battling Malassezia though Over the Last Five Years
has been an entirely different story.
Many times i came so close to totally losing the will to Live
often giving up temporarily seeing no point on Fighting
to survive for a Life that had become unbearable
and the Pain and Struggle constant and unendurable.

A Daily Rollercoaster of Emotions

from Deep and Utter Despair


        To Total absolute Defeat … Surrender

ART- Surrender EC1 -MQ

Every Night Hoping, Praying … Wishing

I Wish MQ

Only to wake up in the Morning
to Carry on and Endure
one more Long – Long Day
unexpectedly discovering
new strengths and determination
welling from within
to pick up and keep going…

There is a quiet reconnection that comes out of necessity,
out of the gathered up bits of courage
and the decision to continue on, no matter what –
when all paths lead back to the unknown,
when the only clarity is a subtle understanding
beyond explanations
that the only real hope is to walk straight through.

And Each time Re-discovering the astonishing truth


               Inspired and Re Blogged From

ART: OMG & SURRENDER                            https://elenacaravela.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/omg/  

  Then WALKING THROUGH                                                      http://lauriesnotes.com/2015/01/21/no-matter-what-4/       


My Interpretation of Reblogged Art, mirrors my own feelings
and may not relate to the Artists’ intentions.

Artists create and express –
Viewers/readers are touched and respond
each in their own unique ways.

This is the Only Personal Entry on an Emotional level.
I wanted for once to fully express this side of my Daily Battle
along this tough journey and to say to those
finding themselves in similar situations
that i may have often totally succumbed emotionally
but have never truly decidedly given up.
I always pick myself up and Carry through
with Daily determination and Positive Actions…

One is my Daily Malassezia Health Quest
in Continuing Dedicated Research and Experimentation
documenting it in my Blogs and Reaching outwards
hoping to instil Hope and Help others Heal
to the Best achievable degree to Enjoy a Better Life.

The Work of Other fellow Bloggers
Inspires and helps Brighten my Days
gathering strength to continue this work
for as long i am here and able to do so

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