The Beings Who Think …

Homo Sapiens MQ

Homo Sapiens MQ

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My goal is to liberate the Supreme Beings currently under the 130,000 year spell  of the human paradigm via information about our genuine identity and provide the how-to for each person break free in their own event stream and reality.                                                                                                                        Sometimes I use religious references as most of us (particularly my generation) have been imprinted with these ideas and memes and it makes it easier to understand what I’m saying. The few people before us that saw the reality of our identity had to frame their insights that way. Religion was a way for our more primitive progenitors to deal with three things that they were not intellectually equipped to deal with or describe in language or in concept..

  • 1) What existence is and where they really were.
  • 2) How to justify their animal nature and desires as humans (called sin by religion) when intuitively they felt there was a conflict with their essence AND
  • 3) How to escape chaos and pain and DEATH. Our growth is EVOLUTION not ASCENSION – holy means ‘separate’ and we are one. We are evolving from ‘3D only’ primates with a limited chaotic primitive view of existence to multidimensional conscious creative beings, not angels or ghosts.

UR Buddha MQ

Most of my Younger Years and up until Illness struck
and Antibiotics struck harder i had Lived in Perpetual state
of Spiritual Awareness and Connection with the “All.” 

The Memory is still Engraved Deep in the Recesses of my
Nowadays ‘Not So Connected to Anything at All 
other than Constant Pain and Discomfort’ Existence
finding my ‘Day to Day operating Self ‘ emotionally Trapped 
in an Uncomfortable and Unanswerable twin Question:

WHY? …

What is the Purpose of it All

On an Individual Level and Perspective

When ALL is Supposedly Already There!… 

Transcending the Physical Limitations
helps to if briefly Inspire  and Experience anew
the Longing and Memory of a Timeless Knowing… 

Brain C

Challenging the Brains Barriers or rather Unlocking its hitherto
inaccessible or undiscovered capabilities is my daily task. 
It may not answer the questions but can help creating  
New Pathways allowing more enlightened perceptions,                     interpretations and understanding
of my warped daily life and struggle …

I hope some Readers find it inspiring and helpful. 

S Light


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