Fungal Freeways – Amazing!

Fungal Freeways MQ

Simply Amazing!

An insight on what may be going on inside our Bodies

where the Enemy Never Sleeps! Lol!


A couple of things that attracted my attention:

Fungal Biology and Myco Fluidics

*When i watch the Nuclei… each one Fluorescing,
     its like watching the headlights of cars
     moving around in a city at night…’

* The Fungus itself is a Network of cells that can be growing …                                 
* Some help to create Proteins that become the Raw Material
    the Fungus is made of…

Yes, our poor Body is the ‘City’… at Night … 
Yes, we know or rather feel and suspect the Network
( Good to confirm! )
Yes, we know about the Proteins through previous research.

 A Quick but Fascinating view 


  And a  Smile that is not funny…

Smiley Cancer Cell MQ

Experiment Laughs at Scientists

Scientists at Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research were amazed to see a cell literally laughing at them.
Scientists were researching how a cancer-causing protein
called Beta Catenin (green) moves into the cell nucleus
(the round “face” shape).



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