Malassezia & Arabinitol

Malassezia - Arabinitol MQ

Q1 * is d-aribinitol a by-product of malassezia yeast? *

It appears to be a Metabolite that Both the Body 
as well as ‘most Pathogenic Candida Species’ produce.
I have not found a clear-precise mentioning
of also being produced by Malassezia.


It would be logical to assume that Malassezia
a) Being a Yeast with many similarities of appearance
symptoms, and effects as Malassezia, and
b) also as a Pathogen, it would cause production
of Arabinitol if not itself then by the body
but of course any kind of assumption can be false.

Even if the answer was a Clear Indisputable Yes
it seems it would not be adequate proof
as a Diagnostic of either Malassezia or Candida
as Both Excerpts below indicate in their last paragraph

  (These are my findings in this round)

D- Arabinitol Candida- MQ

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Malassezia D- Arabinitol 1 MQ

                 Info source: L Ostrosky-Zeichner – Diagnosis of Fungal Infections

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