Malassezia-Propylene Glycol

Malassezia - Propylene Glycol - MQ

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One of the main Malassezia Characteristic Symptoms
is a Burning Sensation on practically any Skin area
but with varying intensity depending on immune response
and Individual’s sensitivity.

What Propylene Glycol Is and Side Effects

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 Considering  …

“Women suffering with yeast infections may also notice
that some OTC creams can cause intense burning.
Post menopausal women who require
the use of an estrogen cream may notice
that brand name creams made with propylene glycol
often create extreme, uncomfortable burning  
along the vulva and perianal area.”

That alone should be a Contra-indicator to any usefulness
or help and most likely a cause of additional aggravation 
in regards to Malassezia.

K2 *pyrenel foam side effects  *

Pyrenel MQ

I don’t know if this Keyword was entered inside my Blogs
Reader returning for specific details in an Entry,
or one entered in a Search engine such as Google,
Yahoo, etc in which case it may not have been intended
for Info in my Blog – but since i have mentioned
Pyrenel Foam shampoo for Scalp and Blepharitis treatment
Only IF/when Absolutely Necessary
i might as well clarify here its use for Malassezia: 

It is a Head Lice treatment
I have only used occasionally for the Scalp and Eyelashes.
It contains OILS – Counter productive for fighting Yeast-
but it is the only one which seems to affect Clones
due to containing Butoxide – allowing a couple of days
of peace before the cycle starts to build again…

    Only IF/when Absolutely Necessary

Due to

* Chemicals and Oils promoting activity and proliferation
* Relocation from Scalp to Eye Problem itself
as outlined in Malassezia Daily Entries

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