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Two Points i have been consistently trying to drive home
in several  *  Malassezia Daily  *  Entries has been:

1- ‘Even if Something kills Malassezia Topically’
whether a Natural or Chemical Treatment
the Result will only be Local and Temporary

2- There are Treatments that contain ingredients that
after the initial pacifying effect, tend to either
->Attract Malassezia back in the area, or
->Cause it to Relocate in a different area
without actually solving the Problem.

Some of these ingredients include:

Oils, and the Ethyl, Methyl, Acetyl, Alcohol types.

The Difference between Natural and Chemical treatments
is in their Cumulative Beneficial or Harmful Effect
on the Body and Natural Skin Protective Flora

Dermazene Contents

Malassezia - Dermazene- MQ

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Each gram of Dermazene® Cream 1% contains
10 mg of hydrocortisone and 10 mg of iodoquinol
in a cream base of purified water, propylene glycol,
cerasynt SE, amerchol L101, isopropyl palmitate,
cetyl alcohol, arlacel 60, myrj 52, tween 60, sorbic acid,
methyl paraben and propyl paraben.

Dermazene Drug and Effectiveness Classification

Malassezia - Dermazene-FDA- MQ                                               Click on Images to Enlarge      

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INDICATIONS AND USAGE – Based on a review
of a related drug by the National Research Council
and subsequent FDA classification for that drug,
the indications are as follows:
 “Possibly” Effective: Contact or atopic dermatitis;
impetiginized eczema; nummular eczema; infantile eczema;
endogenous chronic infectious dermatitis; stasis dermatitis;
pyoderma; nuchal eczema; chronic eczematoid otitis externa;
acne urticata; localized or disseminated neurodermatitis;
lichen simplex chronicus; anogenital pruritus
(vulvae, scroti, ani); folliculitis; bacterial declatoses;
mycotic dermatoses such as
tinea (capitis, cruris, corporis, pedis); moniliasis, intertrigo.
Final classification of the less-than-effective indications
requires further investigation.

Many of These Preparations No doubt are good for a number
of varying ailments but as being suitable –let alone- helpful
for Malassezia, this would depend on several factors.
One might be able to get away if it were a case of
a One Off Temporary Flair Up
but i believe that treatments of similar and in general 
of chemical type are detrimental for a Chronic condition

It Depends on the Individual’s state of Immunity
which consequently determines
whether affliction is a temporary brief attack
or develops into a Chronic condition.  

In which case a Natural Immunity Building approach
would be Preferable and more Beneficial.

Malassezia and Metrocream -MQ

  K * malassezia furfur teatment metrocream *

These are only Some of the Symptoms…
More than even Malassezia can create.

Malassezia -Metrocream-side effects-MQ

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Metrocream (metronidazole) Topical Cream is used to treat
skin lesions caused by rosacea.
Common side effects include stinging, burning, skin irritationdryness, redness, metallic taste, nausea, or headache.
Metrocream may interact with blood thinners

For a List of Additional Symptoms and Info:                                            

Malassezia Not Topical- MQ

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