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Malassezia History MQ

Malassezia History -MQ


K1- “malassezia furfur the first time in 1974”

Well, it appears that the First time was in 1846 Not in 1974 
as History suggests together with some Interesting facts…


The study of the genus Malassezia
has been dogged by controversy
since it was first described in 1846 by Eichstedt (118).
Dissent has occurred over
* When the organism was first grown,
* The optimal culture medium,
* The relationship between the different morphological
    and colonial variants of the organism,
* The genus to which it should be assigned
    and with what name, and
* The role it plays in a variety of cutaneous diseases.

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Eichstedt was the first to describe the fungus associated
with lesions of pityriasis versicolor (PV) in 1846, 
when Robin designated it “Microsporon furfur” (367). 
but no name was given to it until 1853,
By 1970, three species were recognized, P. ovaleP. orbiculare, andP. pachydermatis,
The ability to induce the yeast to form mycelial elements paved the way
for the unification of the two genera in 1986,
In 1990, Simmons and Gueho defined another species, M. sympodialis, ….
Thus, in the early 1990s the taxonomy of the genus Malassezia was still chaotic,
with different groups tending to favour  their own classification scheme
resulting in an inability to compare work carried out by different groups
This chaos was finally resolved with a seminal publication in 1995 by Guillot and Gueho 
They assembled 104 isolates of Malassezia species encompassing all the different
classifications favoured  by different groups  and carried out sequencing
of the large-subunit rRNA and nuclear DNA complimentarity studies.
On the basis of their results, they defined, and later named, seven species of Malassezia
M. furfurM. sympodialisM. obtusaM. globosaM. restrictaM. slooffiae,
and M. pachydermatis. (167)

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   Maybe in another 100 years …

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