Malassezia ‘Extra Battle’


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Malassezia Sonatina -MQ

“Malassezia Yeast and Sonatina”
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Malassezia Extra Battle -MQpg

Reader Searching or Returning
to my Original Blog
~Malassezia my Personal Battle~

And an ‘Extra Battle’ it has Been
Extraordinary yet Greatly Successful
Considering my general State of Health.

At this Point of Time i am Enjoying and Celebrating
the Building of a Rare ‘All Favourable’ Planet Alignment
over the past Three Months, of being

* Malassezia Lesion Free
* Malassezia Major Attack Free
* Not a Drop of Lung Blood
* No Fracturing Ribs
And … as unexpected and unbelievable as it can be, also
* Pain Free!… At least for Now… 🙂

Not All happened at once but has progressively converged
to this point like a Gift from heavens.
The News and Message here for the Reader is, that
if such Progress and Improvement can be achieved
in as Beleaguered Body and Immune System as mine
then no doubt, there is
So Much Greater Hope and True Chance
for Anyone being in a much better condition 
and with the Right Care applied in All areas as required.

I know of course that the Malassezia Battle will go on
but hopefully with a Lot Less effort and struggle, since
my Body is showing Signs of Steadily taking over
and handling it currently with only Minimal aid
but maintaining a diligent Daily Maintenance, as outlined
in many Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily Entries .

Toward this Purpose i have been working for a while
almost since i developed a better understanding
of how Malassezia Operates and the Immunity Relationship.

So i have been watchfully but Steadily Reducing
first Chemical Use to Practically Zero, as well as gradually
leaving unprotected successfully cleared areas
that are not too vulnerable, once sure Malassezia either
has moved on – or unable to do harm despite its presence.

One example is the Under Breast area where i had 2 major
unexpected attacks-one as a result of New Product Trial.(*1)

I’ m keeping an eye when i feel itchy and Scrub /Wash
with warm water and dry – but do not apply anything else.
I do the same for every cleared area and the plan has been
successful so far without any overnight surprises.

Additionally i have been increasingly Reducing
both Internal and External use of even
All Natural Helpers i had been using liberally
for their Multiple Role, as

* Deterrents and Protectors of vulnerable areas
* Healers of Skin Lesions.
* Providers of Skin Nutrients
* Builders of Friendly Body Flora
* Skin Immunity Balancers

The Aim has been to Facilitate
* Building of Skin Friendly Protective Flora and
* Restoring Balance with Minimal aid Only when needed.

The Plan seems to have been working successfully so far

It has not been a clear straightforward upwards progress
-more like a seesaw one- but if i were to draw
a comparison chart it would be decidedly reassuring

Progress Chart 3 MQ

And while I keep working on it all – in the back of my mind
lurks the knowledge that i am hanging precariously 
from a very fragile brunch and at any moment 
everything can crumble to the ground again 
but i try not to look too far ahead worrying unnecessarily
as i have done during my endless darkest hours…

Today’s Inspiration

The Attempt -MQ

    Re-Blogged from  The attempt – Busy Mind Thinking


(*1)  Malassezia: Treatment- Relocation – Attack –DM

Breast Burn1 MQ


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