Malassezia & Triglycerides

Malassezia & Triglycerides- MQ

 Malassezia and Medium Chain Triglycerides

Medium Chain Triglycerides & M-C Free Fatty Acids

FFattyAcids MQ

Medium Chain Fatty Acids are usually derived from MCTs. 

There are different Chemical Structures, derivatives
compositions and Relationships of  MCTs, Fatty acids
Free Fatty acids, Saturated /Mono and Poly-Unsaturated etc
rather irrelevant to this Malassezia Specific presentation
so  i will proceed with selected points.

Some Generally Believed Good points

MCTs 1 -MQ

* Protein metabolism – whatever it means in practical terms…
* Weight loss supplement – as backed by some studies
* Energy Providing
* Contraindicated due to Ketogenesis and Metabolic acidosis
* Inconclusive Results
* Some digestive side effects –such as strong nausea etc

              Some Malassezia Hopeful?


(Text Version For those using Translation )

This was based on observation that medium-chain fatty acids
could delay the growth of the seven Malassezia species in vitro,
but alteration of the infusate composition raises safety issues,
clinical trials to determine both safety and efficacy  seem imperative. However the efficiency of this preventive measure has still not been fully explored.        

* Could delay growth in vitro
* Clinical trials needed for safety and efficacy (on people)
* “alteration of infusate composition raises safety issues”

Infusate -MQ

A fluid given intravenously over a period of time                                                 for therapeutic purposes

        The Abstract below:

MCTs A 3 -MQ

* Medium C Triglycerides and M C Free Fatty Acids
Are toxic for Malassezia Species (in Vitro)

* Clinical trials needed for safety and efficacy (on people)
The Question again is not just IF it would work on People
but also How Much for How Long…and How Many times

“Commercially available infusions containing
Medium Chain Triglycerides might be used
to prevent Systemic Malassezia infections”

This is just an Assumption as much as is also that
Cream preparations or Oral anti-fungals containing
Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, fluconazole etc
and Sulphur and Selenium shampoos can solve the Problem…

Well… some do… but only very briefly- hardly for a day…
Usually Yeast Relocates quickly to other areas
( Details in  Malassezia Daily   Entries)

What sounds a Little Promising to me due to:
“Resulted in Complete Healing… with a rapid correction of…”
– again my guess is on a Temporary basis-  is 

Nitric Oxide LC1-MQ


‘a Nitric Oxide – liberating cream’ and ‘photodynamic therapy’ 
or what  ‘regionally confined lesions?’ means 
in Medical terminology and application is all a mystery…

Possibly a Cream that causes release of Nitric Oxide 
applied Topically on Lesions in a particular ‘regionally confined’ ‘area?
But then what is new? – and for how long?
There are so many other items easier to obtain items
that do the same i.e Topically and Temporary’!…

Part of topical therapeutic approach under clinical evaluation
Part of Topical ?… Practical? applicable? during this century?

Also interesting to know if a follow up was done to determine
if there was a Recurrence after healing and how Soon

Some may go Coco…nuts having read the above

Malassezia - coconut -MQ

And So would I – if i did not know any better…

Do i sound Sceptical?…
Well, Yes… I Am!

“Could delay growth in vitro”
‘Delay or Suppress growth’ does Not equate with Kill

The Entries below detail only Some of my Experiences
and there are many more throughout 
about the good the bad and the …wishful
in Both Malassezia Blogs:

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Fun Typos MQ

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Keywords1 MQ

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Medium -Chain – Free … Fraty Acids
Medium -Chain – Free … Fatry Acids
Medium -Chain – Free … Farty Acids

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