Oils Internally-Externally

Oils and Malassezia - MQ

Oils and Malassezia 1- MQ

                “OILS that Feed Malassezia”

Malassezia And Fats K -MQ

Malassezia uses Oil as a medium for growth and multiplication

Oils Impact on Malassezia Yeast in two ways.

1) Applied Topically – Externally
2) Consumed – Internally
  Applied Topically – Externally

Topical Application MQ

           K1- “malassezia yeast clove oil”

Oils Do Not Kill Malassezia1 - MQ

                        (Oh … If Any!…)

What Oil to use - MQ

K2- “what oil to use with melassezia”

                   Oils -Any Oils-
Promote Malassezia Yeast Proliferation
despite their Antiseptic properties                          

Antiseptic Oils 1-MQ                             Consumed – Internally

Malassezia and Oil consumption 1- MQ            
Consumption of Unsuitable, harmful types of Oils and Fats 
                                Apart from
* Exacerbating the Malassezia Problem
* Causing Colon Congestion
* Haemorrhoids
* Restless Leg Syndrome-Leg Cramps, and No Doubt
* Proliferation of a Host of other Bacteria
there are Additional Serious Reasons
-directly or indirectly connected to the Pathogenic Role
of Malassezia due to their Immune System impairment effect-
for Considering Quantity and Quality of Oil consumption:

Arrow MQ

The Cholesterol Myth … and your best friend -Your Liver

Hopefully in my last post I established that Cholesterol is
something to be cherished and maintained to ensure a healthy
balance of hormones and other functions within the body,
I will now focus on the LDL – low density lipoprotein,
which is the cholesterol with smaller particles,
and is the type that can cause the arteries to clog
with plaque leading to cardiovascular disease.
As I said in part one– free radicals are formed when we ingest
white fats (Trans fats) in processed foods and snacks,
too much sugar in the diet (including sodas, light or otherwise)
smoking and other bad habits.
The LDL and the VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein)
particles seem to like the bad boys and react with them
making the particles unstable.
They in turn react more aggressively with the surrounding 
tissues,including the lining of the arteries in the body called
the endothelium. This will affect the blood vessels with vital
access to your brain and your heart, the carotid artery and the
coronary artery, as well as those to your arms and legs.
Once that damage occurs in the endothelium, as with any
tissue damage in your body, platelets and blood cells
rush to the area, and it becomes a hot spot to catch anything
that is moving through the blood stream that can adhere
to the growing plaque mass. This includes the smaller particles
of LDL that have been compromised by the free radicals.
Obviously over a period of time this will grow to block
the artery, then the blood flow and that is when
heart attacks and strokes are likely…….  ……. …….

Excerpt Re-Blogged From The Cholesterol Myth … and your best friend -Your Liver

Y Flower MQ

Malassezia Oil K1 -MQ

               K3- “gluten malassezia oil” 

Gluten is Not Oil –Oil is not Gluten
and neither i believe contains the other

I am not sure what exactly the Reader was looking for
Malassezia and Gluten or Malassezia and Oil
Gluten is No good for Malassezia and neither for the Intestines.
Malassezia uses Oil as a medium for growth and multiplication

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