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A higher-quality diet, as measured using 3 different
scoring systems for dietary qualities known to reduce
the risk of cardiovascular disease, was associated
with a 16% to 23% reduced risk of needing dialysis
or dying from kidney problems.
Higher-quality diets included those high in fruits,
vegetables, and unsaturated fats.
The researchers also found that high sodium intake
(average of 4.7g g/day) was linked with an increased risk
of needing dialysis or dying from kidney problems….

“Our findings extend the known benefits of healthy eating
and show that the consumption of a healthy diet may
protect from future major renal events,” said Dr. Smyth.
“As dietary modification is a low-cost, simple intervention
it offers the potential to significantly 
reduce the burden from chronic kidney disease, 
while also protecting from cardiovascular disease.”

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