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How to get Rid of Malassezia - MQ

Kill Malassezia -MQ

Q1: How to Kill Malassezia Yeast
Q2: What Kills Malassezia

                      The Individual’s state of Immunity
                       Determines whether the affliction
                         Is a Temporary Brief attack
                    or Develops into a Chronic condition.  

Details of  How and What can kill Malassezia
are outlined in  Malassezia Daily Entries

                  Malassezia Can be Killed

Only Topically and Temporarily


A) It is Part of Natural Body Flora

Malassezia Natural Commensal Flora 1-MQ

Malassezia Normal Skin Flora 2- MQ

B) It is Everywhere in the Body–Externally and Internally

Malasseia Ubiquitous 2

In this Entry i will endeavour to deal to my understanding
with the attributes of the ‘Ubiquitous’
The Dictionary terms of Ubiquitous:
Omnipresent / Universal/ Pervasive/ Global
Abundant/ Permeating/ Ever-Present/Everywhere

C) It is also Ubiquitous-Everywhere-in the Environment

Malasseia Ubiquitous 1

Regarding Malassezia with the help of 2 Microscopes (*1)                                         
I have confirmed:

1) It is Present practically Everywhere on My Body
      – Both Externally as well as Internally.

2-) Samples harvested from different parts of the Body
        and viewed under the Microscope indicate that
       it Remains Alive and keeps Developing for approx. 3 Days.

By this i assume – but cannot confirm – that as ubiquitous
in the Environment,  although it is both aerobic and anaerobic,
i.e it does Not Require Oxygen for growth
it does Require a Living Host to Develop and Multiply
such as our Skin, Blood and especially the Internal
Intestinal areas that can provide Rich growth elements.

Malassezia anaerobic MQ
So to return to the question of How and What Kills Malassezia
the Answer and Best  Solution – and Personal Endeavour-  is:

a) Rectifying whatever turned Malassezia into a Pathogen
b) Building the Immune System
c) Protecting Natural Friendly Flora

(*1) Photos, Details of WhatHow and Related Topics

 see  Malassezia Daily Entries

Malassezia Categories of Treatments (1) – D (5 Entries)

State of Immunity MD

So now we know we cannot really get rid of …Mallezia! 🙂

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