Malassezia – Scalp & Hair

Scalp Malasseia -MQ


       K1- “how to cure scalp Malassezia”
       K2- “dry scalp worm parasite”

             ‘worm parasite’  
Reader entered either wrong keyword 
or landed in wrong site?
Malassezia is Not a Worm–it is Both Yeast and Fungus

       K3- “killing scalp yeast”
       K4- “hair care for mallasseezia” 
       K5- “maleazia scalp”
       K6- “how to cure scalp Malassezia”
       K7- “maleazia scalp condition”

I have trialled numerous types of Shampoo
from Ordinary, for Men, Women, and even Baby
containing Tea Tree, Coconut Oil etc, etc, 
to supposed Dandruff control, containing ingredients
such as Selenium Sulphite and /or Zinc and more
-as well as Specifically Medicated ones, such as
Ketoconazole variations and of different brands
as well as some Lice treatment varieties.
Sort of “I ve been there – tried this!” or rather
more like been…everywhere! – done all that

The results varying degrees of temporary relief
from a few hours to a day or two the most
with a main side effect attached:
Relocation of Malassezia to another vulnerable area.
To those with only scalp problem it may appear
as a temporary ‘cure’ though no doubt it returns
while to the ones with extended problems
the relocation can be noticed, except 
many do not connect a flare up in another area
with the brief scalp relief.

Excerpts from Malassezia Blog Entry:

1) What is Natural without loading the Body or Skin 
with chemicals that have a cumulative harmful effect
both on the Body generally and the Friendly
Natural Protective Flora of Skin 

2) Substances that do not Harm either Body or Skin
    and Deter Malassezia Yeast
without leaving Re-Inviting Residues.

3) Acidophilus does Not kill Yeast 
but the above Treatment Heals, Soothes and Prevents 
by Deterring Yeast settling on the Scalp.
(2014: Does not kill on Impact but Kill it does…)

Diligent  Maintenance, Time and Patience do the Rest 
For Severe Cases…. (*1)

       K8- “morgellons cure in scalp”
        K9-  best relief for hair and body  to relieve
                  morgellons and demodex mites?”

Excerpt from  Malassezia Daily Entry:

I believe no matter if Morgellons, Demodex or Malassezia
since all three appear to cause very similar symptoms
it would not hurt trying some harmless natural methods 
of treatment to at least alleviate some of the symptoms.. (*2)

K9- “malassezia fungus on scalp leaves skin white”

I am not absolutely sure as to what the Reader
is referring to as ‘leaves skin white’ but i am guessing
it is a coating resulting from dried out Biofilm. (*3)
It would take a number of long- long soakings in hot water
and a good scrubbing brush during – and after 
when scalp completely dry. It will be coming off 
like snow dust. A good Daily scrub and Acidophilus Mix
for a few weeks should help clear and prevent new built up.

K10- “tiny white hard balls under skin
          and on scalp like sand”

Sounds like Malassezia white gritty granules
at the solidified stage which under Microscope
looks like this – and ready for multiplication
if it remains and sticks on the surface of that area.

Malassezia white grit -MQ

                        Hair Follicles

   (Head – Legs – Buttocks or Other Hairy areas)

       K1- “yeast infection hair follicle”
       K2- “parasites in the hair follicle”
       K3- “clogged hair follicles”

There was a time back that Both my Legs were
very Bumpy with pus  filled clogged hair follicles
and took a long time and many unsuccessful efforts
with chemical applications that ended up creating
painful lesions. The condition improved steadily
to clearing totally,  since i started long soaking in
the Bath and scrubbing with a nail brush while in it.
I have had No built up ever since, even though
i cannot have baths anymore to soak in
but i still scrub with a harsh face cloth or brush.
I use No chemicals, just a Baby wash
and if needed i apply a splash of Acidophilus Mix
when i feel movement to deter it from settling in. 

(*1)  Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment

(*2)  Morgellons&Demodex Symptoms-Malassezia Solutions

(*3) Malassezia: Grayish Sticky Layer–GSL

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