Private Sensations

Private Sensations -MQ

  Warning! Adult Content Keywords

Malassezia Private Sensations

The Genital area is the Most Difficult one to Treat
and Maintain Clear and Free of …Casualties
because it is an Area that Provides in abundance
Most if not All of Malassezia’s  Needs
————– such as

1 * Warmth
2 * Humidity
3 * Hair Follicles
4 * Easy access to Blood (sensitive vulnerable flesh)
5 * Elements for Growth and Multiplication

It is also a thoroughfare of Traffic Into and Out Of
the Internal Areas from where it Emerges and /or Returns
in an unstoppable, impossible to inhibit, persistent
and consistent way at some Stage/s of its Cycle
much like –as if it is – its natural basis, i.e … Home!


         Bumps and Blisters

K1- “black bumps on my vagina”
K2- “purple blisters on labia”
K3- “vaginal bump with black spot”
K4- “vagina blood blisters”
K5- “blister on vagina lip”
K6- “black vaginal sores on black skin”
Not sure what is meant by Black skin. I assume perhaps
there is some Bruising in the area due to the attack.


K7- “unexplained cuts in vagina and blood ever where”
K8- “cut on labia”
K9- “itchy vagina with cuts”
K10- “paper cuts on vulva”
K11- “open sores in the labial majora”
K12- “sore on top of vagina”
K13- “Herpes vaginal paper cut”
K14- “malassezia vaginitis”

  Blisters under Breast -MQ                   

( Blisters) 


         Bumps and Blisters 

K15- “puss filled bump on penis”
K16- “sore penile shaft skin”
K17- “blood fungal infection on penis”
K18- “purple raised bumps on scrotum”
K19- “malassezia scrotum”
K20- “one pus filled bump on shaft of penis”

Purple Bump on Privates -MQ

( Purple Bump )

            Genital Area

K21- “prickly crawling sensaton on pubes”
K22- “blue cyst on private area”
K23- “blisters pubic area”
K24- “blood blisters on genital area”
K25- “bump full of blood around genitals”

Generally All Symptoms described above
are Manifestations of different stages of the Cycle
of Malassezia in either its Yeast or Fungal form.

They are, invariably, Painful and Uncomfortable
and as i mentioned above impossible to treat
in a long lasting way or especially stop the Traffic. 

There are some benefits that Can be achieved though
———————–  such as
* Minimise Inward ( Return??…) Traffic
* Deter Malassezia ‘Settling’ in the area
   and create Bumps, Blisters, Cuts and Lesions.
* Promote Faster Healing  if/where created a problem
* Immediate Soothing of Itch, Burn and Pain 

K26- “wet labia”
One may be excused if they think this keyword belonged
to a different …site… but after due consideration 
 i accept it in good faith because
a) It is a genuine Symptom and
b) It is the same one as in the Keyword below

K27- “sticky substance on hand gritty feeling
Yes, this is Malassezia in transit in its Sticky Biofilm (1)
All of the Above Symptoms and Stages can be Treated
– Preferably as Soon as any Sensations are Felt –
with Washing and Scrubbing the area well
-painful as this might be, in order to Dislodge and get Rid
of any Spores, Hyphae or Cloning Sisters present-
with an old Harsh Face Cloth  and Plain Warm Tap Water
without any Soaps or other Antibacterial Items.
Drying well  again, Scrubbing rather than pat drying
and Applying Acidophilus Mix (2) to Kill, Heal or Deter
initially several times daily – or as often as after visiting 
the Bathroom – tapering progressively to 2 x Daily
and Preventively at Bedtime, once symptoms subside.

This Keyword below though, certainly landed in the wrong site
            K28- “admirer of hairless vulvas”
I m sure the Reader must have lost some of their initial
…enthusiastic admiration of their …hairless subject 🙂

Hairless Pair -MQ

    K29- “lighting labia minora”

Lighting Labia -MQ

Light Bulb -MQ

              This kind of Lighting??? 🙂

(1) Malassezia: Grayish Sticky Layer–GSL

(2) Malassezia – Active Living and Work Environment   

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