Challenge and Letting it Go

Letting go -MQ

                  When every Day is a Challenge

   To the limits of Endurance

Whether a Good day or a Hard one

      And overwhelming weariness takes over

       Something Inside urges to Let Go of it All

      Retreating temporarily into its own Depths

  To Rest and Regenerate.

Y Flower MQ

I can identify with the Insightful and Inspiring Entry below

describing such a Let Go Moment

                               The Letting Go

Safflower Bud - MQ

I began to capture moments
noticing what was there
seeing, feeling, sensing
beyond these things.

Always at a certain point
I let go of all of it.
I stopped trying so hard
to capture
or express
or control.

This is the place
I have taken myself to.

Reblogged From: Lauries Notes

                              Safflower Photo From: Radiating Blossom

Green Arch Z -MQ

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