Pityrosporum Questions

Pityrosporum - MQ

Q1- “how long to kill Pityrosporum”

There is no set time frame that applies to everyone.
————– It depends on
* 1- Individual’s Immune Condition 
* 2- Severity and Extent of Problem 
* 3- Factors Contributing to the Problem 
* 4- Area of manifestation 
* 5- Accessibility of area for effective treatment 

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* 1- Illness, Stress can tax the immune system 
* 2- If Periodic or Chronic condition 
* 3- Internal or external contributors
       causing or aggravating the condition, such as
       Illness, Medications, Cosmetics or Hygiene Products 
* 4- In one area or in several – internally/externally 
* 5- Some areas are inaccessible or treatments not suitable 

     Malassezia is Not just a Topical External Problem
                       Treating the External
         Does Not Solve the Problem Internally

Q2- “does acidophilus help pityrosporum”

Acidophilus Malassezia -MQ

Areas i have found ‘Acidophilus Mix’ (1) helpful
– and by Helpful i mean Clearing, Healing the area
and Preventing to a great degree Re-infestation-
………………………. have been
* Scalp – it took me a Full 8 weeks consistent treatment (2)
* Under Breast
* Pubic and Genital area
* Legs, Feet and Toes
and generally any area it can be applied on
with only exception the eyelash area.
because the Yeast moves quickly into the eyes

Seawater also has a strong Healing and Deterring effect
and suitable for the eyelash area but does not kill

Rocky Beach SR- MQ

    Any Treatment Applied – Natural or Chemical
              Not killing Malassezia on Impact
                      May Cause it to Re-locate
                          In a Different Area

such as….

K1- “pityrosporum penis”

                         Did not know it had one!
…………. Supposed to be only Cloning Sisters,  🙂
Ok, my mischievous joking aside, the same as above
applies to whatever area the little devil harasses. (1)(3)

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Rocky Beach- MQ


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