Malassezia and Thirst

Thirst and Malassezia - MQ

K1- “malassezia and thirst”

There are Numerous Malassezia Unrelated causes for Thirst
and should be investigated and taken into consideration
such as consumption of Salt, Preservatives and a Variety of 
other condiments, only to name a Few, as well as many 
not directly connected to Foods, such as infections, fever
fighting a Cold, or Stress and so on…

I have observed overtime that in my case thirst is often
connected with foods with low water content
– having a general dehydrating effect on the Body
among some other reasons i have referred to above.
I never eat salt or other additives but some foods like nuts
and seeds make me thirsty unless i eat them with fruit.
Hydration is important for the Body and impacts directly
on Malassezia as i have mentioned in detail in Entry (1-2)

Regarding Malassezia, i have noticed two ways where
there is a direct connection with  Thirst:

1- Kidney Attack

Kidneys - MQ

When finding its way up to the Kidneys causes inflammation
and interference with proper processing of fluids.
Presence of  Kidney or Lower Back Pain is a good Indication.
Personal Experience of Kidney Attack – Thirst connection (3)

2- Congested Colon 

Transverse Colon - MQ

Constipation and/or Anal Itch is a good indication.

This would be mainly caused by Poor Body Hydration
due to Reasons mentioned above, including affected
Kidney function but Malassezia Highly Colonises in the
Intestinal Canal and appears to be Both Attracted by
and Utilising Fluids in /and from any area of the Body.
Whether and how much Fluid and for What Purpose/s
it does utilise, i have No way of quantify or qualify
but i can say with absolute certainty that Water
especially hot- Internally, sets it in Motion without fail!*
When something goes wrong with internal Body
fluid availability- there is a distinct change in
its behaviour and the way it is affecting the skin. (4)

* Three times a Day i drink a cup of ‘not-too- hot’ water
in between meals – not too soon after the previous meal
and nor too close to the next one either.
Within 10-15 minutes there is unfailing commencement
of Malassezia activity in certain areas-different each day.
This has been a repeated verification of Internal Fluids
and Malassezia close connection and operation.

A Day on Just Plenty of Fresh Fruit can Restore Hydration
Relieve Thirst as well as Promote Bowel Peristaltic. 

Malassezia Mystery - MQ

             “Malassezia yeast Mystery”

                        that’s for Sure!

And it appears there is a New One Too!

Sonata Yeast Infection -MQ

         “sonata yeast infection” 
         New Species of Yeast??? 🙂

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(4)   Malassezia ~ Diet – Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

Crossing the Pool -MQ


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