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Laundry Tips - MQ

K1- “Malassezia Laundry Tips”  

Having thrown at it Tons of supposedly lethal chemicals
alone or in varied combinations and strengths
in the Bath Tub, in the Washing Machine
and ‘in -and- on’ my Body for many Months
without ever achieving the ‘Happily ever after’ Result
i now apply a simple and more convenient approach
relying in the permeating, saturating and penetrating effect
of the Water in combination with the Enzymatic action
of Laundry Powder meant to break down elements
and … keep my fingers crossed 🙂 

I set for a 10-15 min Wash –depending on quantity and need
and Let Soak for approximately 8 hours in laundry powder.
Then set a Wash for another 10-15 min – and complete Cycle.
I use a half- half Mix of Cold Water Powder and Ordinary.
I assess it as better but  hard to verify so i do it in this way
and do not care too much about it.

K2- “malassezia celsius hot water laundry”

I m guessing the water would have to be Really Hot
well above 45–50 C and remain constant for some time.
But here there is something that needs to be clarified:
——— If one were to use
1- Hot water as the Hot Water Tank can heat
2- Add Washing Powder
3- Soak for a few hours
4- Wash again with Hot water
5- Run through a Hot Cycle in the Dryer
….well…  there is near Nothing that could survive that …
….and that would include Malassezia no doubt.

          So the Point we need to Clarify is that
 Malassezia caught in such laundry conditions
               practically in any of its stages 
———————– would Die   

       The Body Problem will Not go Away.

As long as this part is understood and considered
there is no problem with eliminating as much Yeast
from the …environment as possible  – but…
how much, how often, how long Is Possible?…
We use Clothes, Sheets, Pillow cases, Covers, Towels
Fabric? Armchairs, Curtains, Carpets, Mats, etc. (1)

Not to mention the Electricity Bill which would be
irrelevant If the Results were to be Permanent!

Personally,  i see chasing it this way not only as
never ending but also as Money down the Drain…literally!
I prefer to concentrate on my Body where the Problem is
and use that money to fill my Fridge with Fresh, Quality
Nutritional Foods and a moderate number of Supplements
to Build my Immune System and Restore as much of 
previously existing Balance that held Malassezia on check.

A Moderate Improvement in this area can make Life
a lot better than any Laundry Powder or Clothes, Carpets
and Curtain Hot Water/ Steam Cleaning can do. (2)

      Excerpt from: Malassezia Blog (1)

————————– Returning Home
————– after Over $35 Grand in the Red
Finally the Penny Dropped and Enlightenment Dawned


      Production of Malassezia is Internal 
     Only Part of the Cycle and Symptoms
      Manifest on the Outside of the Body     
        And  Any External Treatments      
       Provide Only Temporary Relief! 

 (Close Observations from then on and New Discoveries                                        as Detailed in Malassezia Blog
have repeatedly reconfirmed the above finding)

K3- “demodex laundry wool”

I am not sure what exactly the Reader was looking for.
Demodex is a creature that causes similar Symptoms
perhaps the same rules would apply in the Laundry area.
In regards to Wool, if talking about clothes, i reluctantly
avoid it if in close contact with the body or head
– for Malassezia and also Demodex seem to like hair
and one would assume also wool as a natural hair fibre.

K4- “whitening toothpaste morgellons”     

I respond to Morgellons Keywords the same as Malassezia
————– for a few good reasons:
1- Morgellons is not Medically recognised as an illness
2- The Cause of Symptoms is also not medically recognised
3- Symptoms described by sufferers of either 
Malassezia or Morgellons, are almost identical
4- Many people believe they have Morgellons based on
the Symptoms they experience without being diagnosed
-and a hard case this is, even for Malassezia sufferers.
5- Many people may -or may not-  have Malassezia 
                    believing it to be Morgellons,
                therefore i shall proceed saying
———- No Ordinary Whitening Toothpaste
———— has any effect on Mala-gellons...
I have tried several brands -noticed no difference
——— and done the Bucket test as well. (3) 

(1) Malassezia in the Environment – K
(2) Malassezia Yeast: Complete List & Results of Substances & Methods Tested
(3) Malassezia and Bleach QA

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