Mosquito story -MQ

A Quick little Story while i m busy constructing
a Huge Library of Photo Galleries
to be presented in a few days.

It has been raining the past couple of days
and some mosquitos have made their appearance.
There was a small one in my Bathroom investigating
the water areas – including me… from some distance.
This reminded me of a strange phenomenon
-yet not so strange really- that used to occur
during the years when i was on TB Antibiotics 3 x Daily
as well as a Daily Swimmer in Chlorinated Pool.

My husband and i always have our armchairs touching
with no space in between – sitting as close as possible.

Us Lovers

Often during summer nights after a few rains we would get
a blood hunting mosquito or two circling around us.

Mosquito imgkid -MQ

Usually they would come close to me first
hover around, but never quite landing on my skin
in fact they stayed at a 3 cm distance from the surface
sort of uncertain, move up and down
from head  to toe and back upwards again
and after a few attempts they would give up

and move away and …bite my man!…

In fact i can say that during that time
i was All Insect …Repellent 🙂

A fly on screen

Not so strange because my blood was saturated
with antibiotics – that was the idea of 3 times daily
to keep the poisons around the clock in the blood-
and it seems the mossies could somehow sense it
and deem my blood unsuitable
for their breeding purposes.

Initially i would move my arms in the air to deter them
from landing but after observing their unusual behaviour
i became so fascinated that i remained completely 
motionless watching them going through their ritual.

The question that is still puzzling my mind though is
why would they start from me and ignore my man’s skin
since his is as smooth and as near delicate as mine
until they had no other choice?
Was it perhaps my then All Fresh Fruit Diet?
My Man ate mainly Cooked foods back then.

I am not sure if it was my Antibiotic Saturated Blood
or the Pool Chlorine wafting of my skin or Both
that deterred them but this clearly illustrates
how even insects that use our blood can detect
the destructive nature of antibiotics and chemicals.

I am Not that safe any more.
No Antibiotics – No Swimming – No Chemicals
and a Good Nutritious Diet… make me a good target
so i have to cover up every inch of my Body
when i see them circling…

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An Amusing little Mosquito Story