Bumps -Speccks Lesions A - MQ
                               Malassezia Lesion on Face
Malassezia Lesion on Face 1-MQ
A Shallow, Surface Lesions on the Face below the Ear.                                                       Visible Characteristics:
– Corrosion of the Skin and Erythema (Redness/ Inflammation)
– Orange Biofilm forming a Cheesy Lesion
– Whitish Liquid stage Malassezia
Once a Cheesy Lesion is formed it is hard to dislodge
becomes embedded in the Skin commencing hyphal reproduction lasting  approximately 3 1/2 – 4 weeks

Malassezia Lesion on Chest

Malassezia Lesion on Chest 1-MQ

                         Another Shallow Surface Lesion                                                                                   Also Visible:
– Corrosion of the Skin and Surrounding Erythema (Redness)
– Orange Biofilm forming a Cheesy Lesion in the middle

Malassezia Lesion with Cheesy Pus

Lesion with cheesy pus-MQ

                   Similar Shallow Surface Lesion                                                                                 Visible Characteristics:
– Corrosion of the Skin and Surrounding Erythema (Redness)
– Orange Biofilm forming a Cheesy Lesion between two Black Specks
                            (Click On Images to Enlarge)

                Malassezia Bumps on Face and Lips
Malassezia Bumps on Face and Lips -MQ

The Bumps can be Itchy or may not – Usually they are.
In due course they may be absorbed by the Body
but most frequently they break into Blood Lesions.
Itchiness and Crawling sensation may be felt
due to  development of Hyphae sucking Blood
most likely for Reproductive Purposes.
Blisters On Lips may be mistaken as Herpes or Cold Sores.
* Hyphae views under Microscope show filled with Blood.

Malassezia Coloured Hyphae1-MQ

                  Hyphal or Cloning  Reproduction                                                             lasts approximately 3 ½ to 4 Weeks
unless proper treatment is applied which can minimise
duration to approximately 4- days – maximum a week.

Malassezia Healing Lesion on Arm

Malassezia Lesion on Arm 1-MQ

Looks Blood Brown Crusty and this is what it is
but if Picked before it is totally dead and the skin healed
it can bleed again and attract  new activity in the area.

   Malassezia Bumps and Lesions on Labia

Malassezia Bumps and Lesions on Labia 1G-MQ

Very Itchy and Painful in that area
due to the Sensitivity of the Skin.
Broken Lesions Sting badly when Water
or Urine come into Contact.

              Malassezia Purple Bump on Labia – 1

Malassezia Bump on Labia 1 G -MQ
The Purple Colour is due to accessibility of Rich Blood Supply
in that area which Malassezia uses during incubation
and the type of transparent appearance of the Skin.
It eventually brakes into Itchy, Burning Lesion.

           Malassezia Purple Bump on Labia – 2

Malassezia Bump on Labia 3G -MQ
Looking very carefully Smaller Multi- Bumps can be observed
inside the Main Bump. Three double ones on the Left side
and Two on the Right. It is not unusual but it looks more
pronounced than the Skin coloured ones.

The Next Three Photos, also in the same area show different
stages of progress from Bumps to Lesions.

Malassezia Purple Bump on Labia – 3

Bump on Labia 4G -MQ

This shows a Purple Multi Bump having separated
into its parts and just about to break open.

                Malassezia Purple Bump on Labia – 4

Malassezia Bumps on Labia 2 G -MQ  Here can be observed the Cheesy Plankton formation.

                Malassezia Purple Bump on Labia – 5

Bumps and Lesions on Labia 2G-MQSwollen Hair Follicles, a Cheesy Bump just about to explode
and several Bumps in a line already Broken…

Malassezia Multi Bump and Lesion in Mid Spine

Lesion on Mid Spine 1A-MQ
A Large Circular Bump Surrounding Blood ones Breaking open.
Some Cheesy Formation is visible inside it – top left.

Malassezia Lesions on Outer Buttocks area

Malassezia Lesion on Buttock 1-MQ
The Red One is a Freshly developed Lesion
with a Cheesy Formation in the Center.
The Dark one is at the healing stage but looks burned
perhaps affected by some chemicals applied back then (2010)
I only use Natural treatments in recent times
much more effective against Malassezia and harmless to Skin

Malassezia Multi Bumps and Lesions

Malassezia Multi Bumps & Lesions -MQ

Double Multi Bumps

The Bottom one is in the Development Stage
while the Top is more advanced with a Raw Lesion
a Cheesy Middle and an Entry Black Speck.

         Malassezia Developing Multi Bumps – 1

Malassezia Bumps with Black Specks 1-MQ

A double Multi Bump in the early stage of Development.
– The Surrounding Skin area is Red
– Bumps appear still Flat at this stage.
– Two very distinct Black Specks can be observed.
They are Entry Points –  and the Real Colour is dark Maroon
i.e Dried Blood as seen under Microscope.

Malassezia Developing Multi Bumps – 2

Bumps with Black Specks 2A-MQ

                           A more advanced stage.
It is hard to tell if the Faintly visible Black Dots surrounding
the Outer area (circled) are also tiny black/maroon specks
of multi Entry Points or scattered Spores.

                      (Click On Images to Enlarge)

Malassezia Multi Lesions on Back Shoulder

Malassezia Lesions on Shoulder 2-MQ
Multi Lesions, Bumps and Clusters  of Spores
some developing, some fresh some at a healing stage
a lot of Blood utilised and Big Scar

    Malassezia Bumps breaking into Lesions

Malassezia Multi Lesions -MQSimilar to the above but at an earlier stage of development.

Malassezia Bump-Lesion Scar Healing

Malassezia Bump - Lesion Healing-MQ
Eventually, they Heal and in time the Scars Fade away.
Where scarring was deeper a not easily spotted hint remains.
With Right Prevention and Healing Applications
i have not had any of these since – and most likely Never again.

The Following Photos show a later stage of healing

Malassezia Bumps and Lesions Healing Scars

Malasseia Bumps and Lesions Scars-MQ
Visible here are
– Clear Shallow Scars
– Some Red Active Spots
– Widespread Drying out Grayish Orange Biofilm
( Looking like area is dirty)

Malassezia Lesion Scars Healing 

Malassezia Lesions Scars-MQ
Much as Described above
– Clear Shallow Scars
– Some Red Active Spots
– Widespread Drying out Grayish Orange Biofilm
( Looking like area is dirty)

Malassezia Flare Up Caused by Stress on Leg

Lesions on Leg 1A-MQThis is my Man’s Leg and one of the more severe Flare-ups
he has experienced after the sudden Loss of his Father
at a time i was also perishing myself – too much for one
guy to bear at once…  Stress and especially Grief suppress
the immune System and that caused Malassezia to flourish.
Visible in this Photo are
– Drying up Flaky Skin and Biofilm (Circled)
– Red, active Lesions
– A Scratch Line (Inside rectangle)

                  Photos date From 2010 Onwards 
—     – For Farther Details on some of these Photos                                                     Methods and Treatments used, see 
——–  Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily

                 Sonatas SnapShot – Perfect Step

Perfect Step MQ


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