Malassezia Hyphae Stages 2-2 A-MQ

Malassezia Black Speck and Hypha from Body Scrapings

Malasseia Black Speck 1-MQ
A Black Speck Scraped off the Skin and examined under Microscope
Reveals Presence of
1- Attached Hyphae
2- Blood
3- Not sure if  the ‘Body’ is Biofilm or a typical Cheesy Center

 Malassezia worm like shape collected for Ear

Malassezia Ear Blob 1-1MQ
The Insert (1) is from a Sample long ago viewed under
Digital Microscope. Many similar ‘worm looking like’ shapes
were visible to the naked eye on a cotton bud.
The almost constancy of shape from ear samples is quite puzzling
and can be deceptive because Malassezia is not a worm.
Number (2) is a later specimen and looked under Biological
Microscope – higher magnification and visibility of details
as the Biofilm starts to thin out and dry, as will be seen
in the Following Photo.

Malassezia Hyphae emerging from worm like Shape

Malassezia Hyphae in Ear Scrapings1-1 MQ
Right side of Photo shows Large Hyphae (red arrows)
unfolding as the Biofilm starts to thin out.
Circled – Two Biofilm thinned out areas

 Malassezia Blood and Hypha in Faecal Sample

Malassezia Blood and Hypha 1-MQ
This a Photo of a Recent Sample – only a small, thin lonely Hypha
spotted, copared to much earlier ones resembling spaghetti dishes.
I am guessing the earlier ones were of the Fungal Form
while the above might be of the Yeast Form – but cannot be certain.
The Circled area shows Blood.
This i consider as confirming a couple of things:
1- Malassezia can complete its cycle either internally or externally
2- It digs into the intestinal walls for Blood
3- Needs and /or utilises Blood for Reproduction
    and possibly -but i am Not sure
   for providing Spores with Sustenance Nutrients.

 Malassezia Hypha in Finger Nail Scrapings

Malassezia in Finger Nail Scrapings1-MQ
A Long Hypha surrounded by drying Broken down Biofilm
some still attach to the Hypha.

Malassezia in Finger Nail Scrapings2-MQ
More Hyphae also among deteriorating Biofilm.

Malassezia Hyphae in Toe Nail Scrapings

Malassezia in Toe Nail Scrapings1-MQ
Similar as with the finger Nail Sample
Hyphae and a large piece of Biofilm
Enlarging the section (below) can be observed

Malassezia in Toe Nail Scrapings1-1 MQ
1- Parts of some Hyphae are still wrapped in Biofilm (Circled area)
2- Possibly Spores inside Hyphae (indicated by arrow)
     but photo not very clear for certainty.

Malassezia Hyphae and Spore Eyelets in Ear Scrapings

Malassezia in Ear Scrapings2-MQ
In Both Photos,  above and below, can be observed
Long empty, disintegrating looking Hyphae

Malassezia in Ear Scrapings1-1 MQ
among several semi-circled shapes – usually filled with Spores.
(More about Beaded Eyelets in Following Entry)

Malassezia Hyphae Free Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair - MQ
This is the Result of Consistent Treatment.
Despite Regular Malassezia Traffic in and out of the Genital area
All Pubic Hair Strands Examined show
– No Hyphae
– No Trace of Biofilm
– No Blood
– No Semicircular Shapes
– No Spores – on them.
Of course it can be deceptive in regards to Spores
but certainly No pieces of Biofilm or Hyphae visible
and this is a Biological Microscope view.

I would say this is a Thumbs Up! Thumbs upmoment

I m Happy

     Photos date From 2010 Onwards
For Farther Details on some of these Photos
  Methods and Treatments used – see
  Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily

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