Malassezia Eyelets and Hyphae-1A MQ

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                    Malassezia Spore Beaded Hyphae

Malassezia Beaded Hyphae2 -MQ

                                   Photos Above and Below
A Long Hypha with Spores beaded throughout Ready to Burst
and Scatter as Hypha Disintegrates, and Start a new Cycle.

Malassezia Beaded Hyphae1-MQ

Malassezia Spore Beaded Hypha attached to Single Hair Strand

Malassezia Hyphae 5- MQ
No matter where from each sample was collected
– From Head to Toe – Internally or Externally
There are always some common typical characteristics
to be observed, such as
1- Presence of Biofilm in varied colours and viscosity
     depending on the stage of Cycle
2- Hyphae at different Stages, with Blood or Spores
3- Spores in Hyphae, in Eyelets or Scattered
Above a single Hair Strand with a Spore beaded Hypha attached
4- Frequently also Blood

Below a Sample containing Three of the above elements

Malassezia Biofilm, Spore Beaded Hyphae and Eyelet

Malassezia Spore Beaded Eyelet 1-MQ

All Clearly Visible:
1- Semi-Thick Orange Biofilm, with
2- Spore Beaded Eyelet enclosed
3- Free Long Beaded Hyphae

Malassezia Spore Beaded Eyelet with Surrounding Biofilm

Malassezia Spore Beaded Eyelet 2A-MQ
An additional element to the Biofilm surrounded Spore beaded
Eyelet, is the Presence of Blood.
Perhaps or rather most likely this is always the case
but not visible in all my photos.
Malassezia Spore Beaded Eyelets in Hair Follicles

Malassezia Spore Beaded Eyelet 3-MQ
Typical Spore Beaded Eyelets inside Hair Follicles in Buttocks
Maddeningly Itchy and eventually breaking into Painful Lesions

Malassezia Hyphae and Spore Eyelets in Ear Scrapings

Malassezia in Ear Scrapings1-1 MQ
Several Semi-Circled Shapes – usually filled with Spores.
Also long Hyphae present. All look at a deteriorating stage.

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Malassezia Green beaded Hyphae in Eye Liquid

Malassezia Liquid and Hyphae in Eye2-MQ
                                 Photos above and below
The Long beaded Hyphae were Not a Surprise – Their Colour was!

Malassezia Liquid and Hyphae in Eye3-MQ
When suddenly the Colour of the Biofilm changed
from the usual Orange to initially light Lime
and progressively to a much richer Green i could only suspect
my then near one year High Sulphur Natural Green Diet
affecting all Malassezia phases and appearances
with sample after sample containing some part looking
like a Young Green Frog!
There have been several months since a changed diet
from Rich Green to now Predominantly Orange
and the colours are back in the Orange scale again,
so it appears whatever elements in the Greens were utilised
by Malassezia were contributing to its different … outfits! Lol!…
The Eye liquid was collected during the Green Diet period
and thus the Long Green Hyphae.
Was Malassezia perhaps parading a possible fact
that Sulphur does not faze it???

Malassezia in Toe Nail Scrapings1-1 MQ
1- Parts of some Hyphae are still wrapped in Biofilm (Circled area)
2- Possibly Spores inside Hyphae (indicated by arrow)
    but photo not very clear for certainty.

Malassezia Spores in Biofilm in Scalp Scrapings

Malassezia Spores in Scrapings2-MQ
One thing that was surprising to me was that the Scalp Scrapings
were Gritty but viewed under Digital Microscope they looked
like Fatty Blobs. This of course is due to the still present
but not visible to the naked eye, Biofilm.

Malassezia Spores in Scrapings1-MQ
                               Spore Presence is Clearly visible.
                        Malassezia Spores in Biofilm Scrapings

Malassezia Spore in Biofilm Scrapings 1 -MQ
A Large Circular Spore Beaded Hypha can be seen above
as well as lots of Scattered Spores throughout in Biofilm Scrapings
viewed under Digital Microscope.

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     Photos date From 2010 Onwards
For Farther Details on some of these Photos
  Methods and Treatments used – see
  Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily

Sonatas SnapShot – Round the Bent

UE-Round the Bent-MQ


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