Malassezia Biofilm A-MQ

Malassezia Biofilm in water Containers

Malassezia Biofilm Layer 3 -MQ
Above two containers i have used under a 10 Ltr Urn
installed in my Bathroom to supply steady hot water 24/7
– more economical than drawing from the hot water tank.


The purpose is to catch water while cleaning my hands
after dealing with Malassezia in different offended areas.
I empty and rinse the container after every use
but noticed it still tends to build a base and rim
around the walls after a few days.
The above ones were deliberately left to stand with water
until half full before emptied and not cleaned
for a number of days for the conduct of an experiment.
The Colour of Base and Rim while the Biofilm was Fresh 
was Orange and turning Gray when started to die.
I repeated the experiment with the wash basin
to see if there would be similar results
being a wet area but without collected or standing water.
The Photo below shows repeat of both colours and stages. 

                  Malassezia Biofilm in Sink – Test

Malassezia Biofilm Layer 4 -MQ
Both Orange and Gray can be observed but there is a difference.
Starts Orange as usual but appears to turn Gray faster here
in the outer drier areas while closest to where the water drains
it remain Orange longer wile in the buckets where there is
frequent collection of water it stays Orange much longer. 

                  Malassezia Biofilm on Cabinet Handle

Malassezia Biofilm Transfer on Items1-MQ
A New – All White Cabinet installed in my Bathroom.
Body still milky white as in first Photo (left) but the Handle
also milky white originally, has picked up the Malassezia
Orange, especially the bottom part where my hands touch
several times daily.

             Malassezia Biofilm on Pool Sides

Malassezia Biofilm Layer 5-MQ
There is a Malassezia and Pool Entry in Malassezia Daily.
The Orange Gray is easy to see in the Photo
and i have seen it Daily for a Decade at ‘eye to eye’ closeness
when i was used to swim but did not know back then what it was
–other than the commonly referred to as ‘Built-up Scam’
and wondering why the Chlorine was not clearing it…
For the same reasons it was not killing it on my Body!

Malassezia Biofilm on Vest after Perspiration

Malassezia Biofilm after Perspiration1-MQ
Gray and Dead.  Yet, No Soaking, Washing Powder or Chlorine
can clear it off the Vest – or any other piece of Clothing
from Underwear to Bed Sheets.
When Gray on Clothes it looks like Mould 
and when Orange it looks like Rust – making clothes fit 
for the Rubbish where they normally end up.

Malassezia Biofilm on Undies after Perspiration

Malassezia Biofilm after Perspiration2-MQ
The same as above, washed off by Perspiration on the Clothing
and nothing can clean it. Usually worse during Summer time 
especially on items that come into direct contact with the skin
so i buy bulk and when affected i throw them out.
Of course, considering the Contents and their Potential
despite Biofilm being Gray and Dead
-Contents still being alive and virulent!-
it is better to spill on Clothes than stay on the Body…

Malassezia Gray Biofilm on Bath Stepping Stool

Malassezia Biofilm Transfer on Items 3-MQ
A good eye opener about the incredible adhesive quality
of the Biofilm: Any illusions about thorough cleanliness
-earned by Soaking for One full Hour in a hot Bathtub
while Brushing,  Scrubbing and Scraping diligently
every inch of the beleaguered Body- then there is nothing
like the Devils Gray ‘Footprints’ to Shutter them!
Actually the Footprints are mine for the few brief seconds
i step on the Stool getting out of the Bath, while the Gray
is the Devils Biofilm … laughing at my face and whispering
from under my Feet “ And you thought you got Rid of me? ”
If the Pool Chlorine does not faze it and if a Bath like mine
which by the way sometimes back contained industrial strength
killers – but not anymore!- it speaks volumes about the little
creams and oils many rely upon for treating it…
Remember, i have Been there!…

Malassezia Biofilm on Dress after Perspiration

Malassezia Biofilm after Perspiration3-1-MQ
And here is the ‘Rust’ i was talking about and which was
to blame for thinking our washing machine was causing it
even though it was not really old but promptly replaced anyway
while the Rust … kept re-appearing despite! Lol!
Funny really, looking at the photo it pretty much looks like
a true Imprint of a Paper Cut Scratch Line (compare Insert)
and i am inclined to believe it likely had the Potential
if Perspiration had not washed it off my Skin.

A Good Question here is:
If an Hour’s Hot Scrubby Bath cannot wash off sticky Biofilm
how come Body Temperature Perspiration can wash it off
onto Clothing /and Bed wear?
My Guessing assessment is:
One cannot tell for sure but one thing i know 
and have mentioned in several of my Entries, 
is that i have observed and taking advantage 
of the a simple fact that : when it is very Fresh 
and before it settles on the skin it comes off easily
with warm water and a harsh cloth and even with
a cotton wad for delicate areas such as eyelids, etc.
Therefore, i am guessing that what washes off on clothes
is fresh and this also explains why despite Perspiration
i feel sticky all over – and that does not come off easily!

   Malassezia Biofilm on Cotton Wad Wrapping

Malassezia Biofilm Transfer on Items 2-MQ
The Cotton wad wraps above were used to protect
my vulnerable to attacks Toenails during the Night.
This is an exhibit from the bright Lime Green era, Lol!
Had the Wads not been well Soaked thoroughly through
with some good … Ol ’Dophilus protection
there would have been tears in the morning for sure…
( More details in Malassezia Daily Blog)

The Series of Photos Below show the Biofilm
in a more solidified fatty blob like stages.

Malassezia Fatty Blob on Cotton Bud (1)

Malassezia Fatty Blob 1-1MQ
This was Viewed and Photographed under Digital Microscope.
No ordinary camera could capture that – let alone my phone one
even though often similar copies of this had been visible
to the naked eye or using magnifying glasses.
Deceptively worm looking like had me wondering back then
before Malassezia identification.

Below a Magnification of the Photo for viewing detail

Malassezia Fatty Blob on Cotton Bud (1-2)

Malassezia Fatty Blob 2-MQ

        Malassezia Fatty Blob Collected from Ear (2)

Malassezia Fatty Blob 3-MQ
Similar Shape as the above of a more recent specimen
but ended up a bit distorted during transferring it
onto the glass pane for Viewing under Microscope.

          Malassezia Blob Collected from Ear (3)

Malassezia Blob 3-MQ
Again the Elongated Worm looking like shape
but in a later Solidified Crystalline stage.
I was in doubt back then about it because of its larger size
in comparison to previous ones and had not connected yet
all the stages of its transformation.
Unfortunately the Purchase of the Biological Microscope
that helped piece things together followed sometime
after the Digital one and i missed the chance to examine
its finer details, i e any Hyphae or Spores etc.

    Malassezia Fatty Blob Collected from Eye

Malassezia Blob 4-MQ
A Repeat of Shape and fatty looking consistency
this time collected from the Eye.
Two stages can be Observed here. On the left side 
we can see an earlier stage of semi-transparent Liquid form 
and on the right side the Thicker Fatty looking one.

Malassezia on Cotton Wad Inserted in Ear

Malassezia Biofilm on CottonWad 1-MQ
I have spoken in earlier entries about the one time that Malassezia
gave me trouble in the inner part of the Ear.
Above is a Cotton wad with Acidophilus i had inserted in the Ear
and when i took it out i was mystified about its Rich Green colour
– one of the many that followed during that period that coincides
with an almost All Green Diet* i was in at the time.

* The Green Diet may have partly contributed
    but was not the Only cause of the Fluorescing appearance

Malassezia Fluorescence -MQ

No Wood’s Lamp needed for Any of my Samples 
to see the Rich Brilliant Colours of Malassezia’ s Biofilm 
from the Transparent to Yellow, Orange, Lime, Green or Gray!

Malassezia Bioflim Colours-MQ

                  Photos date From 2010 Onwards 
——– For Farther Details on some of these Photos                                                                   Methods and Treatments used – see
     — Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily

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