Budding Yeast Stages  A-MQ
          Malassezia Budding Yeast in Lung Blood (1 &2)

Malassezia Budding Yeast 1-1MQ
I have had periodic indications of Malassezia Presence
in my Lungs but unable to confirm until i finally obtained
a Fluorescent Green Sputum and examined a Blood sample
under the Microscope.
The Fluorescent Green i was quite familiar with
but the look of the photo above without Hyphae or Spores
looked rather uncertain except for what looked like a possible
formation of a Budding Cloning Collaret ( see green Arrows below)
which prompted me to leave the sample in the same spot
under the Microscope to examine at a later stage for signs
of development and confirmation of the Collaret indication.

Malassezia Budding Yeast 1-A-MQ
Here we can see a developing elongation of the shape
and Collaret forming. Even though i initially thought
there were no Spores visible, observing the size 
of some still developing buds (Black arrows) 
they most likely are Spores at an early development stage.
Behind the cluster of Black arrows two smaller also distinctly
elongated buds can be observed.

          Malassezia Budding Yeast in Lung Blood (3)

Malassezia Budding Yeast 2-MQ
The Photo above shows more clearly a developing Collaret.
No more development was observed after the third day 
without a host to provide nutrients and other elements …

Malassezia Budding Yeast Comparison with Google Images

Malassezia Budding Yeast 3-MQ

       Malassezia Budding Yeast in Faecal Sample (1)

Malassezia Budding Yeast 6-MQ
This too was a Recent Sample as the ones above
and -compared to those of much earlier times- highly confusing!
No plateful of a usual ‘Spaghetti and Meatballs’ i.e Hyphae
and just a number of too Large and too Fatty looking
spherical shapes to be Spores (meatballs).

* Looking for a familiar Repetition it never occurred to me
back then they might be Spores … in Development stage…
* I was also more familiar with the earlier Robust Fungal Form
not realising that the changes and improvements
had perhaps affected a change to its Yeast form.

Malassezia Budding Yeast in Faecal Sample (2)

Malassezia Budding Yeast 8-MQ
View of a Second Sample produced similar results
except that it contained one lonely isolated Hypha
shown in the Photo below

Malassezia Budding Yeast in Faecal Sample (2-2)

Malassezia Budding Yeast 5-MQ
I guess the Hypha is a tell tail linking indication of Budding Yeast.

Malassezia Budding Yeast in Faecal Sample (2-2)
Leaving the Sample on the same spot under the Microscope
for a later observation provided more “Budding Yeast’ evidence.

Malassezia Budding Yeast Augmentation 7-MQ
The Buds shown in Top Photo had augmented to touching point
closing the gap of distance between them.
Fat Globules could not have done that…

On the right side behind the two Buds there is also Blood
as shown in Photo below

Blood in Faecal Sample2-MQ
One more ‘Budding Yeast’ confirming Point?

      Blood in Faecal Sample ( Click on Images to enlarge)

Blood in Faecal Sample3-MQ
The full version of the same Photo above shows a second
smaller Spot of Blood and Zooming it reveals 

Blood in Faecal Sample4-MQ
the presence of a thin small Hypha dangling under the Blood

             Malassezia Budding Yeast – Blood and Hypha

Blood in Faecal Sample 5-MQ
             A close up shows Hypha is empty

Below the Two Faecal Samples with their
Budding Yeast – Blood and Hyphae Contents.

    ( Click on Images to enlarge)

Malassezia Yeast - Blood- Hyphae 1 -MQ

Below Google ‘Malassezia Budding Yeast’ Images for Comparson

Malassezia Google Images 1 -MQ

Malassezia Google Images 2 -MQ

                        Malassezia Free – Vaginal Sample

Vaginal Specimen A- MQ
The Recent Vaginal Sample seemed to be Malassezia Free.
No Blood – Hyphae, Budding Yeast in site
except for one long shallow segment filament, looking  more
like Acidophilus Bacteria than a Malassezia Hypha.
Black circles in photo are reflections of the Microscope Lens.

Below some Google Images of Acidophilus for Comparison.

Acidophilus Google Images

Acidophilus Google Images 3

The Good News seen the milder Presence in the Recent Samples
is Proof that the condition has Improved considerably
comparing with Samples five years back…

                  Photos date From 2010 Onwards 
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Sonatas SnapShot – Crossing Seagulls

My Place -MQ

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