Now You See it-A-MQ

                        Malassezia on Finger Tip (1)

Malassezia Fungus on Finger Tips 1-MQ
Had it not been the Devil that it is, it would have been an absolutely
fascinating experience watching it Alive and moving constantly
and changing shapes, under Digital Microscope.
These white spots in the Photo above and the ones to follow below
were shimmering much like the sunlight keeps moving constantly
on the surface of the Sea.
A few seconds, then sensing the light or heat of the Microscope
ducked quickly under the skin surface and disappeared.
A few more seconds then started to reappear – checking?-
repeated a couple of times then all fell quiet as in photo below

                           Malassezia on Finger Tip (2)

Malassezia on Finger Tips 1-MQ
Several Days, different Samples, different Fingers, 
Same Behaviour of Hide and Seek with the D Microscope.
Perhaps that’s what it does all the time anyway…

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            Malassezia on Finger Tip (3)

Malassezia Fungus on Finger Tips 2-MQ
Like small semitransparent paddles, appearing, disappearing
changing shapes – separating, re-uniting but never the same…

                      Malassezia on Skin near Eye

Malassezia Biofilm Colour1-MQ
The same Liquid, semitransparent quality and behaviour
was also caught at a different time – more recently– photo above.
This Liquid, same as in the Eye, when rubbed between fingers
until dry, reveals tiny gritty particles –Spores?
(See Earlier Entries in these Series for view under Bio Microscope)

                           Malassezia on Finger Tip (4)

Malassezia Fungus on Finger Tips 3-MQ
Closer examination of the Photo revealed the presence
of a small Spore Beaded Hypha – with the potential of developing
into a Scratch Line if not removed or perished (as Below)

Scratch line on Thumb A-MQ
              Below Photo Magnification for Hypha Detail

                         Malassezia on Finger Tip (4-2)

Malassezia Fungus on Finger Tips 4-MQ

     Malassezia on Finger Tip – Before and After Treatment

Malassezia on Finger Tips 2-MQ

Malassezia Fungus on Finger Tips 5-MQ

   Different Fingers – Same Result:
* Photo on the Left: Alive and Moving
* Photo on the Right: Static – No signs of Life
(Original Photos and Story in Malassezia Daily    
 Series  “What the Photos Reveal (PT 1-12)”

Malassezia: What The Photos Reveal – (PT 1) 

                  Photos date From 2010 Onwards 
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Sonatas SnapShot – Morning Beach

UE-Sonatas Photo 7-MQ


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