Finger Nails A-MQ

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Malassezia Solidified Grit under the Nails

Finger Nails View 8-2MQ
Back when i took these Photos i was looking for the Liquid stage
presence and a ‘Before and After’ treatment effect.
There are two white Liquids dots (circled above) and None visible
on the Right but i had entirely missed the two more advanced
stages present, i.e. the Orange colour faintly showing on the Left
Photo in the groves of the skin but even the more prominent
solidified Grit collected under the Nails. (Red Arrow) 

Malassezia Gray Biofilm under the Nails

Finger Nails View 7-MQ
Gray Sticky Biofilm, looks like Nails are dirty and hard to clean.
This Nail belongs to my Man, he washes his hands like a beaver
they always look immaculately clean and he is neither a tool man
nor a gardener so the Gray view was a surprise.

Malassezia Corrosion of Nails and Cuticles (1)

Finger Nails View 2-MQ
Even now looking at the Photo on the left
find it hard to see these nails as not clean and reasonably healthy.
The cuticles are on the thin side but intact
and no marks visible on the Nails but appearance is deceptive.

Malassezia Corrosion of Nails and Cuticles (2)

Nail Corrosion-1 MQ
Viewing under digital Microscope the revelation was shocking!
Serious Corrosion of Nail edge, Cuticle side and Nail bed red
with blood blisters.

Malassezia Corrosion of Nails and Cuticles (3)

Nail Corrosion-2 MQ
Malassezia Corrosion of Nails and Cuticles (4)

Finger Nails View 3-MQ
                                       Photo below zoomed for details

Finger Nails View 4-MQ

Nails and Cuticles Healing After Treatment

Finger Nails View 5-MQ
– Blood Splinters gone
– Cuticle Corrosion healed
Healing, Growth and Extending of Cuticles clearly observable
White showing on the sides is Acidophilus capsule residues
left for healing/ protective purpose.
Different Treatments have been applied in different times.
Details in Malassezia Daily  

Finger Nails View 6-MQ

                  Photos date From 2010 Onwards 
——– For Farther Details on some of these Photos                                                                   Methods and Treatments used – see
     — Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily



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