Toe Nail Havoc A- MQ

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    Toe Nail after Malassezia Attack

Toe Nails View 1-MQ

This Poor Toe has suffered a full decade of Malassezia menace.
The story started years back – a short time after starting
long term Antibiotic Treatment for my Lungs.
Not knowing what it was back then – and for a long – long time
i kept bombarding it with antiseptic Oil antiseptic greasy Creams
Ointments and All the wrong things that Strengthened Malassezia
and aggravated the problem to the point where i lost the entire
nail several times. Typical proverbial behaviour of
‘Keep doing the same thing expecting different results”
but to my defence, there is something warped about the Brain
that believes that Oil somehow can kill everything
even to obvious contrary outcomes and results.
In this instance ‘feeding the enemy’ while ‘killing the victim!’
Eventually i learned what the problem was and was quick
to turn around and discard my misconceptions.
( I know many of my Readers still cannot resist the concept
and impulse of a ‘Bit of Oil’ or  ‘This type of Oil or that…’ 
Repetition and time will eventually convince…)
Actually this photo is from a latest attack when accidentally
smeared Oil on it during an ‘Oil Experiment’ and allowed it
to stay on overnight been too tired to attend to it properly…
Yes, you read correctly!… Oil Experiment…
( Full Story in Malassezia Blog   )

         Accelerated Toe Nail Healing during Treatment

Toe Nails View 4-MQ
Once the wrong treatments were stopped and the right ones applied
the healing was much faster than all previous times, usually taking
many months with long setbacks in between.

Healing Toe Nail protection during Treatment

Toe Nails View 5-MQ
Because most severe and uninterrupted attacks take place at night
when Malassezia is more active and our body in a less alerted state
i always take proactive measures to deter it from settling there
and starting a new lengthy cycle.
During the healing stages i wrapped it with Acidophilus Mix
on a Cotton wad and sealed it with Sports tape.
Now, being completely healthy i often dare leaving it uncovered
even at night but usually sensing activity there i cannot find peace 
of mind so i still cover it with a Cotton wad and deterrent agent.
(Noting here that Malassezia is both aerobic and anaerobic
meaning it can survive without oxygen, so covering it with just
band-aid does little to protect – may deter briefly from settling
but the glue on it is also attracting and inviting
so a more active agent is needed. Details in Malassezia Daily 

Stages of Recovery

Toe Nails View 2-MQ

Toe Nails View 8-MQ
The Double Photo above shows the state of Full Recovery
and Two of the three Stages of Recovery during Treatment.
Photo below shows All Four Stages of Recovery – Start to End

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Toe Nails View 8-1MQ
Photo 1 – Shows Fragments of Sick Dead Nail Remained.
I kept cutting out what was progressively coming loose
to help clearance and accelerate healing and new growth.
Photo 2 – Cuticle loose and (not clearly visible here) some
new growth of a few millimetres from the root area.
Photo 3 –  Fresh smooth, clean growth covering 2 /3 area
still some partly affected but recovering nail at the top.
I kept cutting when possible to clear and accelerate growth.
Photo 4 –  Fully Recovered – still some Orange affected
clearing out and replaced by new.
Cuticle Restored, closed and tight, doing its job protecting
from Invasion. Brings tears to my Eye, women consistently
punish it by cutting back for the sake of some ill perceived
concept of Beauty – and i know some of you Readers will
hate me for this remark but Malassezia and other Myces
love what you are doing Both to your Finger and Toe Nails
making their entrance so much easier… and then laughing 
off all the antiseptic creams and lotions thrown at them
as i did persistently myself for a near decade …
Is Beauty – if it can be called so- worth the trouble 
this action may initiate?
Consider this:
How beautiful does a Toe Nail like the one in the first Photo
look like?… 
The fungi and Myces do not simply and accidentally                                             find their way there – They LIVE there!
That’s why Nature created a Stopping Door – The Cuticles!…

           Finally Toe Nail Fully Recovered

Toe Nails View 9-MQ
Now This looks Beautiful to me and cannot have enough
looking at it …and hardly believing i finally managed to Heal it!
                                    Absolutely Precious!

Below additional Notes regarding a detail in a Photo above

Left Side Photo – a Lightened version for clearer detail viewing
Right Side Photo – Original unclear version

 (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

Toe Nails View 8-2-MQ
The Photo above was taken at night in my Bathroom
with lights on using my low, only 3mp Phone camera.
Obviously, poor lighting produced a greeny- blue background
-actually our white bathtub wall- and also a greeny- bluish hue
on the Cuticle and part of the Nail, as well as on the base of
some of the smaller toes. Initially i was puzzled and thought
there might be some bruising so i checked closer and it looked
quite clear, i pressed and did not feel discomfort or swelling
then i thought the bathtub is bright white, not blue, therefore it
must be the poor lighting and poor camera combination
but i am not dismissing the possibility that the hue on the Toe
might be Gray ( = dead) Malassezia Biofilm
as it does persistently attempt to make a mess out of it, Lol!
One good reason i always protect it at night.

            Malassezia Lurking Unnoticed on Toe

Toe Nails View 6-MQ
This is my Man’s Toe – at first sight looking nice, clean and tidy.
-except perhaps to the …trained Eye – i.e… Mine! 🙂 that notices
that there is No trace of Cuticles  – and i can assure you
… he does not do the Beauty thing! Lol! 🙂
and Zooming the Photo reveals the Evil Presence around the edges
but in his case remaining unnoticed and uneventful… until!….
A small accident produced blood and inflammation in the area
and the devil quick to the opportunity, attacked and took hold!
I told him to let me attend to it but he wanted to finish the job first
despite warning him by then it might be too late.
And it was… Below is what followed…

Toe Nails View 7-MQ
Within hours the nail was dead and separated from the nail bed.
Fortunately for him he had an Experienced Healer at home 🙂
and restoration took less time than it would have normally 
and it had a good ending. Details in Malassezia Daily   

                  Photos date From 2010 Onwards 
——– For Farther Details on some of these Photos                                              Methods and Treatments used – see
     — Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily

Sonatas SnapShot – Photographing Selfie Shadow…
(Kept following me so i needed evidence of ‘stalking’ 🙂 )

Shadow -MQ


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