Malassezia Head to Toe 1A -MQ
                  Malassezia Affecting Eyelashes (1)

Blepharitis 2-MQ
The Eye area Provides many elements vital for Malassezia,
   such as:
Hair Follicles
– Moisture
– Natural Eye Fluids
A naturally preferred Malassezia area  during periods of stress 
or diet related dehydration and a refuge for when trying 
to control and contain  
a Scalp problem bombarding the head
with chemicals and medicated shampoos. 
None Kills Malassezia on Impact  -if at all- and therefore forced
to re-locate to another area- Ears and Eyes the two closest ones.
If there is a general weakness there, it is liable to settle 
and start a Cycle of Blepharitis.
The photo above  is one testament of such a Cycle 
which i have been fighting periodically to this day
– only now i know how to keep it under control  
and prevent it causing the problems evidenced above.

Malassezia Affecting Eyebrows 1A-MQ

Starting from the Eyebrow, we can observe parts 
                  Thinned out and Missing.
In the Photo below the Top Eyelid is Swollen and Red

Blepharitis 2-MQ

So are the Eyelash beds Top and Bottom.
Particularly noticeable is the total lack of Eyelashes
on the lower part while on the top they are poor
with thinning gaps in between.

Malassezia Affecting Eyelashes (2)

Eyelashes 1 -MQ
Closing the Eyelids can observe the built-up of Malassezia
at the Gritty solidified stage. Very hard to clear it off
and takes time when it has reached this well-embedded stage.
(See earlier Entries for Grit view under Microscope)

Malassezia Affecting Eyelashes (2 -2)

Eyelashes 2-MQ
Eyelid Stretched to maximum for easier view of details.
Top Eyelid shows how densely imbedded is the Grit
-took me a while to realise what it was doing and by discovery time
it was too late for effective clearing – so i concentrated on prevention
and deterrence while gradually clearing the crusty Grit.
The Bottom part shows the scant presence of eyelashes
and looking carefully, several Bumpy areas as indicated by the arrow.
Malassezia Liquid, Grit and Discolouration

Malassezia in Eye and Eyelashes 1 -MQ
In Photo above, white circles are Microscope light Reflections.
Dark Cream Arrows point to Malassezia at the Liquid stage.
It is transparent but clearly visible and distinguishable
with an in-between water and jelly, look and viscosity.
Gritty particles on the Eyelashes, in both photos, i.e a later
more advanced stage – as well as Eyelash Edges Discolouration.

Malassezia Liquid and Orange Stage of Biofilm

Malassezia Biofilm on Outer Surface -MQ
On the Left –Orange Arrow point to Orange spread of Biofilm
on the outer part of Eyelid and on Right, red semicircle points
to Transparent Liquid stage. Under Microscope it shimmers
and constantly changes positions and shapes.

Eyelashes Before and After Treatment

Blepharitis 1-MQ
The Double Photo above shows the Two States
of Before and After Triple Action Healing Treatment
was consistently applied for sometime:                          
1- Daily Cleaning Maintenance
2- Daily Deterrent Application
3- Healing and Eyelash Enriching Treatment
Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)
Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT2)
Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT3) 

             Scalp Recovery and Rich Hair Growth

Hair and Scalp 1 - MQ
At the time when my Hair had started falling off
-fast and in clumps, estimating i had only a few days left 
to act before going bold – i was in too much distress
to think of taking any photos.
The Photos above are at a Total Recovery stage of Scalp
clear of Redness, Burning, Itch, Bumps and Sores
and A healthy Rich Growth such that the scalp
was not visible through anymore (photo 3)
Back then i used Lethal Drastic Methods
for which i Paid a Price and learned a Lesson
but have maintained control and containment since
with a much healthier way of care and maintenance.
Details in: 
 Malassezia: Lethal Strategiesof the Past (2)
 Malassezia: Hair and Scalp Treatment
And Several Later Entries in Malassezia Daily  

Malassezia Bumps and Lesions on Outer Ear and Face

Bumps on Face - MQ
These Photos above were also from earlier times 
when i had suffered repeatedly some really vicious attacks 
in the outer part of the Ears and the Crease point at back.
I scrub meticulously there every day to dislodge and interrupt
any attempts of Malassezia settling in the area.
There was also some brief time i had Facial Bumps
and some -but not all- opened into bleeding lesions.
Both areas have been trouble free in recent times
but i have been keeping a vigilant eye.

Malassezia Bumps and Sores on Lips (1)

Sores on Lips1 -MQ
They can be easily mistaken for Cold Sores or Herpes
because they have similar Blister Cluster look, symptoms
and duration and usually strike during Colds, Flu, Fever
which cause dehydration and lowered immunity.
They both last approximately 3 – 4 weeks.
During those times as described above
i find difficult to tell with certainty which one it is
except perhaps that Malassezia, does not stop just there
but spreads well in the peripheral skin area
of mouth, chin and cheeks.

Malassezia Bumps and Sores on Lips (1-2)

Sores on Lips 2A -MQ
Circled areas showing the most visible Bumpy Blisters

                  Photos date From 2010 Onwards 
——– For Farther Details on some of these Photos                                                  Methods and Treatments used – see
     — Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily

Sonatas SnapShot – Morning Calm

Morning Calm -MQ

( Click For Full View ) 


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