Malassezia Head to Toe 2A -MQ

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         Malassezia Healing Lesions and Scars on Back

Malassezia Lesion healing 1 -MQ
All Photos in this Entry are simple Phone Camera Shots
neither magnified as when under Microscope nor Enlarged for details
and still easy to see
– Widespread Orange Biofilm
– Red Healing Lesions
– Healed Lesion Scars
The least of my worries back then was whether the Scars would be
permanent – in fact i very much expected they would be –
but the majority have totally cleared and any remaining
are very faint, hardly visible at all.
Great really considering that back then the Lesions were
frequent, large, extended, fairly deep and lasted near 4 weeks
compared to the occasional tiny, pimple size ones that may
sneak up nowadays that usually last for a few days.

Malassezia Healing Blisters under Breast (1)

Below the First of Two major attacks i have suffered throughout

Blisters under Breast 1 -MQ
The Blisters shown above were already in a healing stage.
The initial affected area was much more extended.
The Left side shows the Gray -Drying and Dying- Biofilm.
If Scrapings were examined under Microscope they would reveal
still virulent hyphae ready to create more Blisters if left undisturbed.

Malassezia Healing Blisters under Breast (2)
       The Second of the two major attacks.

Blisters under Breast 2-MQ
It was primarily caused by a forced Malassezia relocation
from Scalp due to a Shampoo and another Product change. 
Much more severe than the First, quite extended and painful
but this time with the right treatment the healing process was faster
and surprising, it left No trace of the event behind it.

Below stage 2 – on the Recovery

Blisters under Breast 3-MQ
The Redness and Inflammation still strong but Blisters smoothed
and area around it clearing. The hardest part was to keep away
new batches attracted to the inflamed area.

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Malassezia Blisters under Breast 1- MQ

                          Stage 3 and 4 Recovery

Malassezia Blisters under Breast 2- MQ
Fast Progress and steady Clearing – Miraculously No scarring…

              Malassezia Biofilm on Shoulder and Neck

Malassezia on Neck and Shoulder 1 A-MQ
Widespread Biofilm on the Skin making it look dirty
and if layer is thick makes the Skin dry as it dries out
and feels rough to the touch like a desert Lizard.
Some Itchy Redish areas still visible (circled).
If not interrupted have the potential to develop into Bumps
and eventually break out into Lesions.

More on the Legs below

Dry Skin 1- MQ
The Skin looks dirty and distinctly Bumpy in the covered areas
but smooth and lighter where free. 
It starts Orange or Semitransparent but turns Gray as it dries
and much  harder to clear off.

                           Malassezia Biofilm on Feet

Malassezia on Feet1- MQ
Much the same as above – areas affected marked with arrows.
Initially it causes a Burning, Itchy sensation, then as the Biofilm
dries and its ready to dig into the skin it feels like it is crawling
on the surface. 
At this point it must be scrubbed off before it causes problems.

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Sonatas SnapShot – Seagulls


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