Malassezia on Skin or Body-MQ
Q1 “how can i tell if there is yeast on my skin”
Q2  “can you have a malassezia infection in your body”
Q3  “malasezia a parasite”

Practically Every Person has Yeast on their Skin and Body
Top to Toe – Internally and Externally
Not Just Malassezia but other types of Yeast as well.

Malassezia Normal Skin Flora 2- MQ
Most, like Malassezia, are part of Natural Body Flora.
Some are Beneficial to the Body but some, like Malassezia
are opportunistic ‘creatures’  and turn into Pathogens
when something goes wrong with the Immune System
caused by Illness, Stress, Antibiotics, X-Rays, 
Chronically Poor Diet, Grief or Bad Relationships, Lol!
-ok that was meant to be a joke … but Divorce is real!-
as many other of Life’s circumstances.

So, Malassezia ‘Technically’ is Neither a Parasite
Nor an Infection as such but when it turns into a Pathogen
its Behaviour and Symptoms resulting,
closely resemble either or both!
It can start a chain of  Symptoms in either predominantly
isolated areas or cause general Problems all over the Body
and the Condition can become chronic
– if not dealt effectively in the early stages –
or cause general Problems all over the Body.

Many Symptoms are often puzzling or confused with other
ailments or causes, especially because many people
do not know much -if anything- about Malassezia.
As to how one can tell if they have a Malassezia “Problem/ Infection”
or it simply lives quietly on their skin 
can be determined by Symptoms or Ailments if Pathogenic
or signs if its presence is ‘Silent’ and causing no discernible trouble.

Signs of its Presence if not causing any great Problems
can be detected as the occurrence of

– Dry or Cracked Skin
– Dirty, Black looking Nails for no apparent reason,
– Poorly looking Breaking Nails,
– Sensitive, withdrawn, Red Cuticles,
– Red Itchy Eyes,
– Unexplained Cuts on Hands,
– Non healing Sores
– Restless Leg Syndrome,
– General Restlessness – and many more …

I have described and detailed how i have dealt
with most – if not all – its many Pathogenic Manifestations
in great Detail in  Malassezia Blog and Malassezia Daily Sites.

Malassezia Mini Gallery 1-MQ
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