Malassezia Internal or External -MQ
Q1 “is malassezia internal or external” 

Malassezia is Both Internal and External
Internal as in the Intestinal Track and Vagina
And External as on Skin, Practically every area on Body

Malassezia in Faecal-Vaginal Samples S-MQ
Photos above show Malassezia in Faecal(1) and Vaginal (2) Samples
                 and Below Malassezia on Fingertips

Malassezia Fungus on Finger Tips 1-MQ

Q1-2  “is malassezia internal or external” (2)
Another way to look at this question is, as
 Is Malassezia Endogenous or Exogenous

1- having an internal cause or origin
2- growing or originating from within an organism.
1- having an external cause or origin.
2- growing or originating from outside an organism

I am not sure if Researchers have established firmly whether
Malassezia is Endogenous or Exogenous or Both.
The Info i have read while researching has been suggesting
exogenous as being airborne, but recently while searching
for something i came across an article referring to it as
‘…therefore indication is, it is Endogenous…” 
unfortunately i did not stop to copy that part and not sure
whether it referred to it as generally so or as in a specific case.

Going by my own experience and considering that i cannot see it
or confirm its origin other than its presence in Samples taken
both from internal as well as external areas, and the fact that
it appears to be able to complete its Cycle both Internally
as well as Externally, i strongly believe it is Both!

The One very puzzling -to me- and still unexplained mystery
is its consistent Trips ‘ In and Out’ of the Genital areas
i.e Anal Canal and Vaginal area and the ‘When’ and ‘Why’
and ‘How Many Times’ in the Cycle – as i cannot confirm 
if what comes out goes back in –and possibly returns outside
or stays inside – or if what goes inside stays inside 
or comes out again and/or back inside…
A Microchip or Distinguishing Biofilm Colour could prove helpful
for tracking it Lol! …but none available to me other the sensation
and proof of what i can Intercept as soon as i sense it in Motion.

Q2 “is malessia yeast alive”

I am guessing the Reader means
Is Malassezia a Live Creature or a Condition/Symptom
such as Allergy , Dermatitis etc – again guessing.
Yes it is Alive as seen under Digital Microscope 
and it does cause a host of Conditions /Symptoms including Dermatitis. 

Malassezia on Finger Tips 1-MQ

In Photos above Malassezia on Finger tips in motion
moving constantly, changing shapes, separating into smaller
‘puddles’ then regrouping each time into different shapes.
Disappears under the skin then reappears again.
Its density and appearance changes as it matures.

Q3  “do mallassezzia yeast have legs”

Reader very generous on ll‘s, Ss‘s and Zz‘s 🙂
No, it has no legs… but it often develops Hyphae/Filaments
and during that time it often feels like it crawls on the skin
but the sensation is deceptive because at that stage
it is topical, stationary and ready to start digging into the skin
to obtain blood and does not -cannot- crawl anywhere.

Malassezia Filaments -MQ

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           Sonatas SnapShots:  Rocky Beach

Rocky Beach-MQ

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