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 Q1 – “Difference between Yeast and Malassezia”

Malassezia is Both Yeast and Fungus.
Being too small and imperceptible by the naked eye
it is hard to tell with certainty what the difference is
between its Yeast Form and its Fungal/Hyphal Form
other than what can be seen under Microscope
or the Severity of Symptoms.

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Malassezia Smell
This does not mean that the Yeast does not develop Hyphae
as is evident bellow and in the Photos of my own Samples.

Yeast Hyphae
With the Caution in mind that i am not a qualified scientist
– not to mention the fact that Malassezia appears to be a source
of confusion even among the Qualified ones- i will say that
from observation of Both
– My Sample Photos –viewed under Microscope- and
– Severity of Symptoms (Significantly Changed)
it appears that the Yeast forms Smaller Hyphae
and Some of the Symptoms such as the Lesions
are not as Severe or as extensive as in the Fungal form.
This of course could be only my personal experience
based and as a result of treatments and methods i use
and may not be true to other people in regards
to severity of Symptoms, but not sure if this would also
apply to the size of the Hyphae as well.

Q2 – “can malassezia cause odor”  

Yes, it has a very characteristic Smell.
Actually i have identified three different ones.
One when in the initial stages of its development
one when it dies Internally – known as ‘Die Off ’–
and one when the Biofilm actually starts to dry and die externally.
The First one is a peculiar Sour type of smell like something
has gone off and not very perceptible to other people.
I also believe it may vary slightly from person to person
depending on their skin, perspiration and personal body smell, etc.
Perhaps this is what Van Abb describes as Fruity
-I m guessing a Researcher with a funny sense of smell –
as it smells nothing anywhere near fruity at all…

Malassezzia Fruity-MQ

The Second one may also be varying depending on individuals’
diet and Internal Canal condition. Lucky not have smelled
anyone else’s but mine is a very characteristic
rotting fishy sewerage …with a ‘freshly… dead’ hint to it.

The Third one is Common To Practically Everyone.
I have smelled it on My Man, Myself and Numerous Strangers
both Men and Women of Different age groups from Teens
to Elderly – many more elderly than the younger groups. 


It smells strongly like Ash left in ashtray for days but without
the cigarette pang – much like dead skin burned to Ashy stage.
Very Pungent …

Q4 –  “can black walnut kill malassezia parasite”

When i first read this question my mind had a spontaneous reply:
‘The black plague cannot kill Malassezia’
Nevertheless i better return to a more sensible civilised mode
and say i have tried black walnut leaves for some time
but… i don’t need to say more do I?…
Anyone who has read carefully though my Bogs would know why.  

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           Sonatas SnapShots:  Pink Sunrise

Pink Sunrise-MQ

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