Night with Malassezia -MQ
             K1- “one night with Malassezia”
This Keyword had been used quite some time back.
It appears to have resurfaced again on a frequent basis.
Either the Reader liked my Earlier humorous addressing it
or has been using it as a way to land in the Site
to continue reading on Related to it Entries…
        Quite Nice whatever the case! 🙂

For those not familiar with what a Night with Malassezia entails
                            i shall say briefly:

Whoever has a Night with Malassezia, one things is guaranteed;
they wake up in the Morning – IF they have slept at all!-
                             Looking like this:

Night with Malassezia-MQ

Photo Re-Blogged from: Fresh-out-of-the-shower-and-ready-for-another-day 

             On a Serious note:

Malassezia being active at Night
becomes one … generous Insomnia Contributor…

Prior to falling asleep, many people,
some knowing they have Malassezia
-and many unsuspecting and yet to discover-
experience Restless Leg Syndrome
– a Sign of Malassezia Congested Colon –
as well as general Restlessness throughout the night.

There is a Two Part dedicated Entry
dealing with Ways to Improving Sleep

Malassezia and Sleepless Nights (PT1) – & (PT2)

I have applied these methods myself for a number of months
and have been enjoying a full 6-7 hours sleep every night
despite bathroom visits, so i guarantee they work
if one is willing to make the necessary changes.

            K2- “Malassezia in Tooth”
If Malassezia attacks the Lips and often the tongue and sides
of the mouth, it is not surprising it spreads on the teeth as well.

Sores on Lips1 -MQ

I remember many years back during a Dentist visit
my mouth was salivating liberally and he said:
“I m guessing you must be eating lots of Sugars”
He was right; back then i was a very young ignorant Sugar addict.
I felt highly embarrassed as if he knew my addiction, which
i was trying to curb with repeatedly failed promises to myself
till the day i had an epiphany that changed my whole Life
but that’s another story for my Defining Pathways Blog…. soon…

This embarrassment served to remember his comment
and in recent times i have often wondered whether it is the
rich saliva and presence of sugars –Only Fresh Fruit these days!- 
that attract Malassezia to the mouth. It strongly appears so.
I have also noticed that during periods of colds or flu and high
temperatures when there is a feel of dehydration and dry mouth
that my Teeth look like coated with an Orange Film
(The very familiar Malassezia Sticky Biofilm!)
I have taken recently to brushing my teeth immediately after
having a Fruity meal and noticed a marked difference in its
presence around the mouth, compared with my brushing
a little later in order to enjoy the Fruity taste a bit longer.

I must be clear here: Toothpaste does Not kill Malassezia.
It helps remove some of the Biofilm off the teeth
and washing and rinsing the mouth reduces any sugar presence
which also helps reduce its attraction to the area.

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One Night with Malassezia