The Morgellons Confusion -MQ
Q1- “mogllon is fungus malezzia”
It appears Morgellons is more widely known
due to general public confusion, than Malassezia is.
The Keyword above and the ones below
will illustrate what i mean by confusion:
Q2- “what is morgellons demodex mites”
Q3- “morgellons lice whats difference
         between lice and morgellons”
Q4- “morgellons candida
Q5- “was medusas hair morgellons” ****
The words in green, indicate creatures in their own right
medically identified and recognised, including Malassezia,
while Morgellons has yet to get there …
I am not refuting its existence but i am not in a position
to accept or reject, other than on personal level
until it is officially done by Medicine.
Q5- “was medusas hair morgellons”
I believe this Keyword refers to my Entry in Malassezia Blog
Malassezia Hyphae: Bloodsucking Medusas
The Reader is in a Malassezia site reading and looking
at a Malassezia Photo yet asks if the Hyphae ( hair)
is … Morgellons!…


 ‘I rest my case!’ 🙂

Q6- can morgellons be mistaken for lice
I would be more inclined to put this question in the Reverse:
Can Lice be mistaken for Morgellons?…
Lice is a Parasite while Morgellons is a bunch of symptoms
created by … ‘something’ either existing and confused as Morgellons
or Something not yet fully or officially identified or recognised. 

K1- “treatment for morgellons eye infection”
I wonder if this was a similar case to the ‘Medusas hairs’ entry
Reader intending to reach the Three Blepharitis Entries
Malassezia~Dealing with Chronic Blepharitis (PT1)
It is hard to tell which keywords were entered inside the Site
and which ones were keyed-in in external Search engines.

K2- “morgellons paper cuts”
A classic case of Malassezia mistaken for Morgellons?
I have mentioned in some earlier entries that some people
believing their symptoms are Morgellons while they may in reality
be Malassezia. Paper cuts are a characteristic Malassezia Symptom.

K2- “morgellon’s in intestines”
K3- “morgellons in vagina”
K4- “morgellons hair parasites”
K5- “morgellons lesions on the scalp”
K6- “morgellons lesions on buttocks”
K7- “near infra red morgellons”
K8- “cream of tartar morgellons”
This Entry in Malassezia Daily might be helpful
Morgellons&Demodex Symptoms-Malassezia Solutions

K9-“morgellons and the end of imes”
‘Morgellons and the end of T-imes’
Quite an Interesting Keyword…
I wonder what the Prophet had in mind
– Oops! …i meant the Reader! Lol! 🙂

K10- “mupirocin morgellons”
I am sure this keyword was not meant for any of my Sites
unless the Reader was already in one of them  
and inserted the keyword in the Site’s Search area.
I don’t know much about it so i Googled Mupirocin
and this is what i found.

“mupirocin cannot be used for extended periods of time,
or indiscriminately, as resistance does develop
and could, if it becomes widespread, 
destroy mupirocin’s value as a treatment for MRSA.
It may also result in overgrowth of non-susceptible organisms.”
( Source link provided below)


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The Morgellons Confusion