Malassezia caused Oedema -Bruising 1-MQ (HTML)

K3- “Malassezia and bruising” – (PT1)

I am not sure if by ‘Bruising’ the Reader means an area on the Body
feeling ‘Bruised’ on touch or Blood vessel type of Bruising.
                        If the former then Yes! …
Malassezia does cause this sensation when it overcrowds
a particular area, in which case depending on the area

1- It may look puffed up, much like oedema as in first Photo below.

Malassezia caused Swelling -MQ

2- It may look Red and feel burning and sensitive to the touch
    like under the Nails, near Cuticles and on Finger tips as Below

(Click on Images to Enlarge)

Malassezia and Bruising 3 -MQ

           Green Arrows show ‘Live Specs’ of Yeast

3- It may look like a Blood vessel-burst Bruise, as Purple circled below

Malassezia caused Swelling 2-MQ

Blood Bruising, under the Skin is not something i had encountered
during the past 5 years other than very small pimple sized ones
where failed to erupt into Lesions. The usual is on Surface
where the skin is corroded and exposed when a Lesion is formed.

 All until this -not so recent now- incident and developments

Malassezia and Bruising -MQ

The Story attached to the above photo is coming in Next Entry
with details about events that followed a Triple Accident at home
that took place a number of months back
and what Malassezia did when left uninterrupted
been unable to fully implement Daily Maintenance
in inaccessible, due to pain, areas of my Body.

           Story and Photos in Next Entry:
 Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT2

                   More Details and Related Entries
     in  Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily Sites.

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Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT1