Malassezia caused Oedema -Bruising 2-MQ (HTML)
  To Read First: “Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT1”     

Before a following display of unbelievable photos
i must give a brief account of how things got there.
I say brief –as is possible to condense a story
stretched over several months – because i have already
written, also as briefly as can possibly be, 
in an earlier Entry in the Malassezia Daily site.

A Triple Home Accident starting with an Unexpected
– to allow Body Cushioning and Support – Cough
caused a Pelvic Muscle Pull and Inflammation
followed by Tripping over a quad Cane i borrowed
as a result of the first incident. 
Lost balance and bounced on the wall,
further aggravating the condition,
followed right after by a Slip in the Bath,
rendering me in a Wheelchair with Agonising Pain
and almost total Immobility for several months,
during which i was unable to take care of myself
and apply properly the Daily Maintenance Routine.

I was also unable, due to intensity of Pain, to raise 
my Chair’s Footrest to keep my feet off the ground 
and minimise Malassezia traffic in the area 
at a time that was easier to reach Timbuktu 
rather than my feet or anywhere below knee level.

Not wanting to load  my man with additional tasks  
than he had already shouldered and believing
i would improve within a week or two and be able
to take care of myself, i watched Malassezia 
moving there and establishing itself steadily  
building a problem that i could have never anticipated
or imagined possible.
The Photos below hardly need any explanations

            Within just over a couple of weeks
         Going from a Normal Size feet as this

Malassezia on Feet- MQ

                       To an enormous size like this!….
( Noting the photos were taken at a later Recovery stage – not at Peak)

Leg and Feet Swelling 1 -MQ

No need to elaborate about Pain Discomfort and Stretched out Skin
They are Obvious yet hard to imagine unless one has been there.
Neither about All efforts and ways trying to Reverse the condition 
or Prevent the Progression that did not prove successful in this area
while unable to apply the One i knew for sure would work.
Maybe in a future Entry i may detail success in the other areas
such as Pelvic and Pain relief which involved Product Purchasing.

Here I shall explain how i arrived at certainty
that Puffiness and Swelling were caused by Malassezia 
built up under the Skin rather than Kidney /Heart 
or resulting Uric acid crystal accumulation 
due to the severity of the Pelvic Inflammation 
as initially my Man and I thought it to be
-and as the most reasonable explanation:

1- As always, i could feel the beast spreading, burning, itching
    crawling and going through all its usual so familiar sensations.

2- There was Redness (Purple arrows below)
    and abundant Orange Biofilm spread, (Orange arrows)
    on Leg, Foot and Toes, initially sticky light orange
    then drying up and turning grayish and flaky

Leg and Feet Swelling2-MQ
3- My Kidneys started to Respond to the Other Treatments
    and Function improved considerably 
    -assessment supported by many signs such as:
 Reduced feeling of Nausea and aversion to drinking water
Improving Appetite
Improving Digestion
Increasing Urine Output
Clearer head (previously dull, hazy and feeling waterlogged)
and General Body Pain and Movements aslo improved,
while Legs and Feet seemed to be going 
quite the opposite direction and kept Ballooning up
to Dangerous levels of Skin Stretching, to the point
that despite my resolve not to burden my Man
with more than he was already doing for/ and because of me
i had to ask his help for the Only Treatment capable of success.

I knew by now without doubt, that all the evil result
down my Legs and Feet had nothing to do with 
Heart or Kidneys fluid built up. It was All Malassezia!

The final test and Proof to this would be – not only in the result
but in Immediate -IF Any- Response in the area:
I said to my Man – who was still believing and worried 
about a Heart and Kidney connection- that if it was so,
neither the Fluid of the Oedema nor if it was Uric Acid
would respond to the application of Acidophilus Mix,
since neither was alive or could be affected
              while  Malassezia would
  -as a live organism against another-
and from several previous experiences of results
of Acidophilus and Malassezia confrontations as in
 ‘Malassezia – Acidophilus Round 2 & The 8 Hour Kill?’
and Malassezia – Vibration and Sound

 Treatment-Duration-Comments-Photos and Results
                       Soon in Next Entry:
“Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT3”

             More about Malassezia … adventures
     in  Malassezia Blog and  Malassezia Daily Sites.




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Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT2