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So we started the Treatment and what followed was as 
astonishing as in some Previous occasions when 
Treatment brought Live Creature against Live Creature
locked into Collision and Combat
(One Mighty Helpful – the Other Mighty Evil)

Every evening my Man’s task was to

Apply Acidophilus Mix on each Leg
  from below the Knee area right down to my Toes.
Then Cover the Top of each Foot with a Cotton Wad
  soaked through with Acidophilus Mix
Wrap each Big Toe with Cotton Wad
  also soaked through with AMix
Secure with a Long Strip of Cloth or Gauze
Put on a pair of Tight Socks

I had to use some of his old motorcycle boot socks
because my feet were too swollen and painful, near impossible
to squeeze into any pair of mine no matter how old or stretched.

And then came the Test and Verification -the War had started
as i had anticipated – but not the way i had expected it…

Within 2 Minutes from Application, there was Response!
My Legs started to Sting as if bitten by dozens of Wasps
and Jerking with uncontrollable Spasms.
Muscles Pushed and Pulled Repeatedly in Painful Cramps
while the Skin Surface Burned like Acid Fire eating into
the flesh – On and On and On for a Full 15’- 20’ minutes.

This Torture was repeated Night after Night after Night
and for the first Three weeks nothing else happened.
No visible or felt change other than the Painful and
uncomfortable battle between Malassezia and Acidophilus.
Then all suddenly the battle duration started to get shorter
and shorter down to 5 mins and the Swelling to decrease fast.
It took approximately 6 Full Weeks at least with still some
resistant puffy pockets remaining and several persistent
attempts of new batches – dealt and stopped by the A Mix.

Then a Blessed morning …or should i say my Blessed Man
just before departing for wok, lingered and then went
behind my chair and gave me a quick head massage!
And from the next morning onwards he established
a longer head and back massage routine.
Within a few days this started to produce what every other
treatment had failed to the date, i.e miraculous, unbelievable
Fast and Lasting results of Pelvic, Spine and Kidney Recovery
and consequently Pain Relief and a Lazarus resurrection
into walking and wheeling the wheelchair as well as resuming
some of my personal care and even duties.
I could finally raise the armchair footrest and thus my feet
rapidly returning back to their normal Cinderella size.

Lets not get too carries away though…
There is No ‘Forever After’ with Malassezia.
Just a Daily Maintenance Routine achieving and ensuring
minimal presence and activity for 95% of the Body
with reduced chances and miniscule casualties
for the more vulnerable –difficult to access–areas
with the occasional nasty surprises of evil
done during sleep.

And now we come to the Under Skin Bruising
resembling the Blood Vessel Bursting Ones:
I Do bruise easily so i am quite familiar with the look, feel
and duration of the different types depending on the area
of occurrence – and have never attributed any of them
to Malassezia as i had no reason or indication to do so.
This one though, shown in the photo below, which was taken
at a much later stage well in the recovery stages, felt and looked
suspiciously a piece of its work but i had no way of verifying.

Malassezia and Bruising1 -MQ

The widespread drying Orange-Gray Biofilm on the Toes
and Top of the Foot is obvious but there was no other specific
indication that the bruise was created from underneath the skin
by Malassezia invasion. Then i had an idea:
I enlarged the Photo and made it lighter for clearer viewing
and there was waiting a great revelation
-the detail that served as the specific indication.
The very familiar Malassezia Lesion ‘Cheesy Center!’
                                A Triple one!
               (Green arrows in Photo below.)

Malassezia and Bruising2 -MQ

This of course was an extreme situation due to circumstances
both in regards to the Degree of Swelling as well as the Blood Bruise.

                  Below Two Stages of Swelling Recovery
                            (1- 2) early – 3 later stage.

Malassezia and Bruising Recovery N-MQ

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Foot Crisis Helpers-MQ


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