Pain Relief -PT1-MQ
Following the Story of the Triple Accident
and the Very Painful resulting consequences
as detailed in:

 Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT1    
 Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT2   
 Malassezia Caused Oedema and Bruising – PT3   

I shall now devote this Entry to the additional ways 
i addressed Pain and Kidney Inflammation
and Recovery of  Pelvic – Spine and related areas

while observing effects on Malassezia rapid built up.

As i have mentioned in the above Entries
some measures produced a somewhat slow, gradual
improvement in the related areas of Inflammation
and a miraculous Resurrection by my Man’s dedicated
daily Head-Spine-Foot Massage, but no effect from any
or All combined, on Malassezia pace of spreading
except in  the areas i could reach
and take care myself as usually… or almost so.

Looking at the Photos below one can see how much
Nerve ‘Cabling’ goes through Spine and Pelvic area

Pelvic 1

     Also Below the Kidney and Pelvic Cabling connection

Pelvic 2

And how Inflammation in One area can Affect the Other
(often being the cause of or starting as Lower back pain)


Pain Relief Aids

After the First week of unbearable unrelenting intensity of Pain
and near total immobility, during which my Man took work leave
to stay at home and look after me, i thought it was time for some
drastic measures to speed the process rather than waiting
for it all to subside on its own accord.

For a near Decade before the Malassezia saga started and during
the initial stages -when not yet knowing much about it-
i had been using extensively  TEN machines – several models
–as described in a Malassezia Blog / Treatments Entry
and had found a terrific aid for so many ailments and areas
such as Minor Aches and Pains, Stiffness, temporary Arthritis
Relaxation, Massage, Circulation, Kidney Relief, Fluid Retention.

I could not establish its effectiveness on Malassezia, though
for the simple reason that i did not know back then its attraction
to Adhesives, Glue, Grease, Oils, Creams, Lotions etc.
and consequently to the area the Electrode Pads were attached
So in the end when i finally learned and established through
Research and Hard Personal Experience, its Lipophilic nature
i was forced to give the T / machine up and pack it away.


Being desperate though now to relieve the Pain
i retrieved it again to give it a try, only to find
neither channel worked either by battery or electricity
and neither could i find  a replacement of this  model
as there were no Suppliers.

I had a smaller back up of a 3A Battery and Electricity one
but it was neither strong nor of good quality- and did nothing.
So until i could search and find an equivalent replacement
i resorted in purchasing a simple Foot Spa, with inbuilt Massager
and hoped for some partial relief even if temporary.

Foot Spa -MQ

It was good for refreshing and relieving briefly
the burning and stretching pressure of the Feet

     Malassezia and Bruising Recovery N-MQ

but soon i had to give up the massage option as it stirred
Malassezia activity and finally i decided the effort of
setting it, filling it, emptying it etc was too much extra work
at a time my Man was doing absolutely everything for me
so i gave it up altogether…

In the meantime, i could not find equal quality replacement
for my TENS machine and it appeared there was something
New on offer – i.e The INTERFERENTIAL types of Machines
similar but -supposedly- more effective than the TENS ones.
Different Brands, Strengths and Qualities too
and NO available People Feedback for advice.
This is one good reason i am addressing it here,
more as Feedback for the Type of machine
for those seeking Pain Relief or management
even though it too presents the same issues with Malassezia
as the TENS machines, having to use Adhesive Electrode pads.

Coming next: Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT2)

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