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Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT2)

Having Used several TENS machine Brands and Models
i knew which ones were Toy-rubbishy ones, 
so i purchased an Electricity and 9 V D Battery operated 
The AA or AAA battery ones are very weak and near useless.
Additionally, the batteries run down too fast
making them ineffective and costly.

Here is the One I bought on eBay
Electricity and 9V – Battery Operated (as a back up)
(I do not Promote Business so i shall not mention Supplier)

Interferential Feedback 1

Below i have Copied Important -to me- Specification details
and Highlighted parts indicative to better quality and strength.

Interferential Specifications-MQ

I must note here this is my first acquaintance
with this type of machine and selection was based
both on comparison of similar ones available on line
as well as different Brands and models of TENS machines
according to their Specifications and my previous experiences.

Now to the Most Important Parts of this Entry:
1- Does it Kill Malassezia?
2- Does it Relieve Pain?
3- Difference Between IF and TENS Machines
4- IF vs TENS Machine Characteristics – Pros and Cons
5- The Massage Benefits
6- The Diet Part

* * *

1- Does it Kill Malassezia?
I can confirm it does – Topically!
At least in one particular place on the Leg

But there are Drawbacks:
1- Not sure it worked on all other areas or if Not – why!
2- The area it worked, took a long-long time to clear :
Malassezia Alive causes havoc as it Moves in / out of places
but it moves and changes and the Biofilm dries up
Malassezia Dead, as in Bulk thick Liquid Biofilm stage
remains ‘Puffy’ under the surface of Skin unchanged 
until eventually ‘absorbed’ and disposed by the Body.
3- Though not absolutely sure, i believe it only kills what
is right under the electrode pads or very-very near by
but not sure whether  it Does  …or does Not
Kill the Spores, or Affects them …or Not 
so that Can or Cannot Develop after been Blasted 🙂 .
I Know this sounds like neither here nor there
but i never take firm position until i have
repeated confirmations of what Is or is Not
and in this case i did not use it long enough
to establish certainty, for reasons i shall explain further on.
4- I have already mentioned the Malassezia attraction
to the adhesive quality of Pads (Entry PT1)
and no washing/scrubbing clears off all gel residue on skin.

2- Does it Relieve Pain?
I can confirm it does! – and for some length of time.
Whether its Operation caused reduction in Inflammation
or simply Numbing the Nerves and the Pain signals, i cannot tell
a) Because my condition was so very bad that needed time, and
b) because the Pain returned eventually to inestimable
difference to be compared or established as a steady reduction.

It happened in time but whether it was
The Machine
My All Fruit Diet during that time, to relieve the Kidneys
 All of the above Combined, it is hard to tell.

When my Man started massaging Head-Spine-Feet, though
that did make a quick, marked unmistakable difference
… So now he is hired for Life! 🙂

Coming next in: Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT3)
3- Difference Between IF and TENS Machines
4- IF vs TENS Machine Characteristics – Pros and Cons
5- The Massage Benefits
6- The Diet Part

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Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT2)