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Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT3)

Important points in this Entry:

1- Does  IF- Interferential machine Kill Malassezia?
2- Does it Relieve Pain?
(Have been covered in Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT2) 

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3- Difference Between IF and TENS Machines
4- IF vs TENS Machine Characteristics – Pros and Cons
5- The Massage Benefits
6- The Diet Part

3- Difference Between IF and TENS Machines

TENS machine Characteristics – Pros and Cons


1} I enjoyed the experience and the relief it provided
and had it working hard for 15-30 minute sessions
on different parts of the Body while watching TV
or Reading a Book – always starting with the Kidney area.
2} Usually after the first 15 minute session i would start
frequent trips to the Bathroom releasing fluid that was
previously Congesting the Kidneys.
3}  I Could Feel the Effect of the Current Pulse
going through, Reaching Deep and the Benefit of
Relief of Congestion or Pain, Stiffness as well as
Invigoration and Lightness on area of application.
4}  Could Feel Current Pulse from level 2-3 right up to highest
Usually 4-6 was most comfortable and effective – but had
to be increased when using Battery after 3-4 day sessions.
5}  Duration of results in light cases was lasting long, while in
Specific Problems varied depending on Severity of ailment/s.
1}  In the described above situation of the Pelvic accidents
– having to use the ‘Toy’ version of TENS- due to unavailability
of the Better and stronger Brand/Model i had
i found it had almost No effect if any at all on Pain
either temporary or up to the time i replaced with the IF.

INTERFERENTIAL – Characteristics – Pros and Cons

Interferential Feedback 1

1} I could Not feel the Pulse at all – unless at Full Blast
and even then very faintly, being unsure whether it was working
or had stopped, having to check at the operation display screen
to verify session had started or finished.
Recommended level was 2-3 i used Highest–possibly detrimental.

2} Overall Feeling was of Heaviness and Light-headedness.
3} Had to use during Day time or could not Sleep at Night!
(Instructions manual warn about – i ignored- but was true)
I also found that although did not put Electrode pads
anywhere near the upper chest area, it caused me
Lung Bleeding after each session – perhaps due to high 
intensity setting – could not verify and had to stop using it.
1} IT proved Highly Effective in regards to the Specific
Pelvic/ Spine Intensity of Pain – Reducing it after 2-3
30 minute sessions by near 70-80% giving me some
temporary mobility for a few hours before Pain returned.
2} This indicates the claim of IF current reaches Deeper
than the TENS does and result is longer lasting, is correct.

I also use this Wooden Roller every Morning and Bedtime

Wooden Foot Roller-MQ

For a Quick Smoothing and Soothing of the Nerve Endings.
It’s a ‘Feel Good’ little Toy for Stiff or Tired Feet
– No more than that…

I had also purchased a number of years back
before the Malassezia plague, an electric
Foot Massager with Heat, which i also had to give up
because Vibration + Heat caused Blood Flow in the area
which attracted a full Blast Malassezia attack!
It took losing my Toe Nail almost completely twice
-right after a near complete recovery-
for the penny to drop that whatever was causing this
Nail ‘Infection’ was exacerbated by those 2 elements.
Did not know anything about Malassezia’
or its s existence at the time.

Foot Massager -MQ

So i cannot testify for its effect on Pain
I did not have any serious pains back then other than
Kidney ones whenever naughty by ignorance.
I had basically bought it for General Relaxation
and from what i remember it was good at that
and great for warming up the feet on cold nights.
Alas… the Mother of all evil arrived in my life and took
away that comfort from me- together with many other…

All Fruit Diet –All ProsNo Cons! 🙂

My All Fresh Fruit -MQ
One of the very First Actions i took was to go Temporarily
on an All Fresh Fruit Diet – of Fruit Smoothies and Salads
in All Raw, Fresh – No Additives, Sweeteners of any Kind
in order to provide High Nutrients and Help
Reduce Kidney Inflammation and Congestion
and thus Relieve Some Spine and Pelvic Pressure as well.
Fruits have High Diuretic effect and could feel its benefits
of–at least temporarily- Freshness and as if Cooling down Fire.

When the Combined methods started to produce
some gradual Improvement i started adding gradually
additional Raw, Unprocessed Foods with high
Nutritional content targeting Anti-inflammatory Properties.

Anti-Inflammatories -MQ
        ( More about the Diet in Malassezia Daily 

I am uncertain how much each of the concentrated methods
-each with its own merits, contributed to the gradual
Improvement of the Pelvic/Spine and Kidney Condition
until -as i have mentioned earlier- my Man’s daily
Massage routine, which changed the temporary, slow
and gradual to Fast, steady and Noticeably aiding
to regaining my mobility back to almost pre-accident levels.

My Personal assessment 

  •  Any method applied alone would not have worked.
  •  Due to the severity of the trauma and necessary burden
    and aggravation of any movement, it could have even
    turned the situation into a Chronic one
    due to Blocked Flow of Circulation, Prolonged Stress,
    and Inflammation and Congestion in each connected area.

What Each Method Contributed


  •  Light to the Kidneys, Liver{-} and Digestion
  •  Rich, Bioavailable, Sustaining, Healing Nutrition
  •  Diuretic –Anti-inflammatory Action
  •  Promoting Intestinal Elimination
  •  Helpfully Detoxifying {-}
    ({-} Liver is affected during Stress – Trauma Situations)

Interferential Machine:

  • Relieved Temporarily Pain and Stress
  • Relaxed Peripheral Muscles
    (and possibly compressed Nerves)
  •  Temporarily Stimulated Circulation

Head- Spine/Kidney- Foot Massage

  • Soothed Head Peripheral Pressure and Promoted Circulation
  • Relived Kidney, Spine and Pelvic Pressure
  • Smoothed out Knotted Nerve areas along the Spine
  • Relived Spine Congestion Pressure, and thus
  • Facilitated Circulation
  • Foot Massage Soothed Nerve endings and Internal Organs
  • Stimulated Circulation
  • Promoted Kidney, Bladder and Intestinal function
    and their elimination processes.
  • Not to underestimate the magic of Human Touch!
  • Cat Massage

Cats Know Best! 🙂

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Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT3)