Malassezia Slithery - Sticky-MQ

Readers’ Keywords

K1 – “slithering sensations and high temperature”
K2 – “malassezia sticky chest”
K3 – “glitter and black specks in skin”
K4 – “hair matted in sticky scalp scale infection
K5 – “scalp and hair base with sticky gritty gunk”
K6 – “sticky layer of skin on scalp

Malassezia Immune bypass - MQ
K1 – “slithering sensations and high temperature”
Despite Laboratory Research finding that Malassezia
bypasses detection by the Immune system as in:

———————    text     ♣     version       ———————
Unlike most pathogenic micro¬-organisms,
which provoke an in¬flam¬matory response in their host
Malassezia slip under the radar of the immune system,
having an immunosuppressive effect.
Malassezia’ s ability to modulate the immune system
may explain how
it is able to grow so successfully on healthy individuals
as a part of the normal skin flora.
 ( 2)
   ———————               ♣                    ———————

it appears that when there is an Outbreak
the Body somehow Detects its presence and activity
and Raises the Temperature, not necessarily to Fever levels
but by a degree or so above the individual’s normal.
I have also noticed that sometimes it does the opposite…
Drops the Temperature Briefly to near hypothermic levels

Cold 1

usually with accompanying Shivers and Catarrh.
It could be a Response to Malassezia and/or Body
Toxins or Inflammatory Chemical Releases 
– i am no expert at that – only an ardent observer
of Frequently Repeated Patterns of my Body Responses
and Supporting Confirmations by my …Thermometer

Thermometer -MQ

Regarding the Keyword above:
and Assuming
a) It is a Malassezia case in regards to the Slithering sensation
b) The High Temperature is in Relation to it
It could be that either
a) Temperature, was caused by Flu, Cold, Infection etc
and set the Yeast in Motion, thus the Slithering sensation, or
b) Yeast –Outbreak– caused the rise in Temperature

Slithering is usually felt in the Genital/Anal/ inner Buttock area
or as warm liquid spreading outwards from these areas
actually being Sticky rather than feeling wet!
This i believe is due to the Early Stage Liquid quality of Biofilm.
It feels and IS Sticky and comes …in Colours!(+)

Malassezia Bioflim Colours-MQ

(+) Related Entries in ‘Photo Analysis’ Category
and in Malassezia Blog Blog

K2 – “malassezia sticky chest”
K3 – “glitter and black specks in skin”
I Believe ‘glitter’ refers to the Fresh Sticky Biofilm.
Black Specks are Entry points where Malassezia Digs in
and starts to draw Blood via Filaments/Hyphae
as part of its Cloning process(+)

Malassezia Bumps with Black Specks 2-MQ

(+) See Related Entries in Malassezia Daily)
The Specks may be on Bumps created by Malassezia
aggregation or completely Flat – at least to the naked Eye…

K4 – “hair matted in sticky scalp scale infection
The ‘Scale’ is formed by either
 Dried layers of Biofilm, from where spores are released, or
 Solidified stage Malassezia –usually developing Hyphae
and creating ‘burning’ itchy lesions.
Hard to tell which just by brief Keyword Description
and without any other accompanying details.
In any case, Scalp requires thorough Soaking in warm water
followed by brushing to break down Scaling
and remove Sticky Biofilm.
There will be plenty left behind, spores etc
deep in the Hair Follicles which will require time

and repeated treatments(+) and maintenance(+) to relieve area.
(Relevant (+) Entries Malassezia Blog and Malassezia Daily)

K5 – “scalp and hair base with sticky gritty gunk”
The ‘Gritty’ part is Malassezia at solidification and proliferation stage
Relevant Entries in the Mother Blog Malassezia Daily

K6 – “sticky layer of skin on scalp

Scalp Anonymous C1- MQ

 (Click on Photos to enlarge)

Scalp Anonymous C2- MQ

Please Note:

I am Not qualified nor able to Diagnose or Confirm
Malassezia Condition or Presence on above Photos.
I can only offer my Personal view on what i Think i see
– which might or might not be caused by Malassezia.

– Some of the Follicles appear (Malassezia?) Impregnated (3)
– Presence of Light Orange Biofilm in areas (circled)
– Presents of (what appear to be) Hyphae in Photos (1-2)
– An additional Photo provided below,
  indicating Tinea Versicolour Discolouration

Hand Anon C-MQ

(All Malassezia Symptoms – or at least Similarities)

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 Malassezia and Immunity 1-MQ


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