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Malassezia is a ‘Headache’ on its own, so to speak
but as far i can tell it does Not cause headaches directly.  

It does Indirectly in different ways:

  • Through accumulation of Chemicals used to fight it
    either taken internally or applied externally and absorbed
    via the Skin – having to be processed by the Kidneys;
    (Irritated, Inflamed Kidneys => Fluid Retention => Migraines)
  • Lack of Body Hydration ⭐ drives Malassezia to the Kidneys
    through the bladder- another cause of irritated Kidneys
    due to Malassezia’s inflammatory chemicals.  

I have already written about the Relationship  
of Kidney- Back Pain and Kidney- Migraine
both in Malassezia Daily as well as in the present site.
In this Entry i shall write about ways i found helpful
throughout time in relieving the headaches:

Form time to time i get a type of Migraine i have named 
‘Lobotomy’ – because the first time it occurred
-some 6 months into Hormone Replacement Therapy-
I exclaimed in Desperation
“Oh my God could someone perform a Lobotomy on me?’
i.e Cut Out the ‘Clamp’ in my Brain.
This type lasts for Three Days no matter what i Do or Not
– and on the third day it goes away on its own accord.
I have not discovered yet Any means of quick cure or relief
despite a Long list of ‘hopeful’ trials and measures
over the years, other than avoiding a List of Causes.
So i shall leave this one aside for ‘If Ever’.

Any other Type, ie, full head, half head, part of head
external ‘peripheral’ or internal as ‘a Nail’ through,
Pressure in Eye/optical nerves, Whooshing Ears, etc
these i find easier and faster to deal with
by applying some or all on a list of measures:

  • Drink either a cupful of Plain Hot Water(+2) or mixed with
    Freshly squeezed Orange juice – if waking up with it
  • First and foremost: I Avoid Protein – burdens the Kidneys !
  • Fresh Fruit for Breakfast
  • Continue with Fresh Fruit only- until signs of it retreating
  • If improved, include Light meals without spices, additives etc
    until all entirely clear.
  • TENS Massage applied to Kidney area
    (See Notes in Pain Management- Pain Relief (PT1) (2&3)
    where Malassezia is to be considered.
  • Vitamin C powder (as Calcium Ascorbate) 1/2 -1 flat teaspoon
    once or up to every 4 hours
  • In some cases Hot Food – but Not Fried or Roasted
    and Free of Spice, Salt, Pepper, Additives,
    as Some of These as well as Synthetic Types of Sugars
    contribute or Cause the Headache Presence in the first place.
  • A Hot, Diuretic -Broth like- Soup i make, works wonders
    quick and simple and quantities are approximate:
  • Stick of Celery
  • 1/4 cup diced Beetroot- and or leaves or sticks
  • 1/2 -1 diced Zucchini
  • 1-2 chopped Mushroom
  • 3/4 cup Water
    (Only fresh Veggies -Totally additives Free )

Beetroot -MQ
Very Low heat until water approaches start of Boil point,
turn off heat – let stand 2-3 minutes, strain broth and enjoy.
Broth will do the Healing – the solids i add 
to my …someone else’s dinner 😀

I usually get relief as early as 2-4 hours – or maximum
after a night’s sleep. If this does not work i know i am
In for a Three Day Fresh Fruit or Smoothies only.
TD-FFS Always works Irrespective of Type of headache
even the Three Day Evil one!-but it is by then on its way out.

(Quite a curious phenomenon is that if it does Not go away
by mid of Third day it ‘clocks in’ another Three days! 
Not 1 – not 2 – not 4 …ever! Its a … Threesome one, Lol! 😉 )

I have never been keen on Painkillers-except in rare cases
a) Because they Block the Signals
(Body’s language of communicating “I have a Problem” )
b) They Do Not Cure – only mask the Problem
c) They help Perpetuate the True cause, and so
d) Contribute to Building a Chronic condition
by false appearance of problem as solved / gone

If problem persists – the Headache is not the Problem
in fact it usually is Only the Messenger.

There are Tell-Tale Signs of Underlying Problems
(often Chronically Present on some people’s Features
so that after a while they are not noticed by them  
or ignored and forgotten altogether and eventually
falsely considered as their Natural state and look
while still noticeable to others – at least initially)
such as: 

Ailments N-MQ

1-2 Dark Circles 3-4 Puffy Baggy Eyes 5 Red Blood vessels
6-7 Protruding Veins 8-9-10 Puffiness / Oedema

  • 1-2 Black Circles around the Eyes
  • 3-4 Puffy Eyelids and Bags above and under Eyes
  •     5 Swollen irritated Eye Blood vessels
  • 6-7 Swollen Protruding Blue Veins
  • 8-10 Puffiness / Oedema on other Body areas
    such as hands, legs, ankles, feet
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Scanty, Infrequent Urination and so on…

I could write pages on this topic but they would Not be
truly related to Malassezia as cause.
A ‘general health’ Site would be more appropriate
and i have already constructed one ready to go
but i am holding back because i don’t think i can handle
another WordPress Blog with Fake ‘Followers and Likes’ 
that do Not deserve devoting time to reciprocal Reading
as i am Not the type to deliver Quick Fakes of either. 

The Three Malassezia Sites are sought out voluntarily
by either Truly ‘Health Topic’ Interested viewers
or in True Personal Need for Info seekers.
All 3 with scarce Followers and almost Non existent Likes
but more sincere and worthy of devoting my time to-
choosing to visit only sites i truly Like, in my Lunch break.

So i shall Conclude here that at any case, whether
Quick or Lasting, Occasional or Recurrent Headaches,
these helpful measure especially the All Fresh Fruit


– Harmless and Beneficial to the Body
– Targeting Detoxification
– Flashing and Clearing the Kidneys, and
– Resulting Relief of most Migraines and Headaches.

(Please Note:
These measures provide Relief Without Harm
whether the condition is Temporary or Serious
but they may Not Cure a chronic Serious problem
There are many other causes of various types  
of Migraines and Headaches — and Recurrent ones 
Require Serious Investigation and Doctors attention
(Good Luck on that department!… )

The reason i Drink plain Water or with Fresh Juice 
and do Not include Herbal Teas, as i used to
prior to Identification of Malassezia- is because
a) They are Fermented – Not Suitable for Malassezia
b) They contain Artificial Flavours/Colours of sorts
and may further irritate the Kidneys.

Fruit Reconstituted Concentrates even without sugars
are Not the same as Freshly squeezed Juice
– due to having been subjected to pasteurisation
with resulting loss of their qualities.

Now some readers may be rolling their eyes at thisrolleyes
but think about it: When taking a Painkiller
          one does not take it for its Sugars and Flavours
            – just gulp it down and thats it.
          Fresh Fruit tastes Delicious and needs Nothing.

I m Right? Of course i m Right! … I m Always Right! 😀1 tongue on cheek

 Malassezia – and Body Hydration (PT1)  & (PT2)

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