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Nails –What the Photos Reveal  (PT1)

Ever since the Startling Surprise
of Viewing my Perfectly Healthy looking Nails
under the Digital Microscope 
i have become obsessed with detecting 
similar -deceptive- appearances in other people’s 
Perfect looking –or not so– Nails and … Eyelashes!

So i compiled a Collection of Famous People’s Photos
selected Randomly from Popular Web Sites, Ads
and Google Images, initially from mere personal curiosity
and comparison and then progressively considering
whether it might be of interest sharing the observations.

Although All of them were displayed openly to the Public
and have been viewed by thousands of people
every possible care has been taken
to Remove any associations with Web Sites
and Reduce to absolute minimum, identification 
of Nail or Eye owner – not an easy task overall…

I am starting with Nails first because if i publish the Eyes
i may have a Ninja visiting through our veranda at night
1 tongue on cheekto serve me with a silent, Revenge bullet in the scull
before i have a chance posting about the Nails… 😛             

                      Observations on One of my Own 
                        Additional Photos and Details in 
                    “PHOTOS-Photo Analysis-Comments 

Finger Nails View 2-MQ

 My Observations on Various Collected Photos

Blood Spots – Inflammation – Biofilm

The edges of the Nails look painted white
and presumably Cuticles have been trimmed back
making hard to judge their state of health and quality
but i can see clear signs of trouble – marked in Photo 2:

(Click on Photos to enlarge )

Exploring Nail Trouble1-MQ

  • Red arrows ~> indicate Blood Spots Under the Nail
    i.e Malassezia dig-in entrance points.
  • Curved lines ) indicate injured – Nail Root inflammation area
    and drying Biofilm on Skin surface – also present on Second Toe [ ]
    as well as widespread Biofilm presence on Foot surface
    -marked by arrows below- looking like dirty patches of skin.

Exploring Nail Trouble1-1 MQ

Blood Spots – Inflammation – Corrosion

Exploring Nail Trouble2-MQ

I will assume the Ragged Nail edge is due to poor Filing
and not Poor Nail health, though i am much inclined
to believe it is the second…

Inflammation – Corrosion – Biofilm

Exploring Nail Trouble3-MQ

These being a gentleman’s Nails, i presume there was no
intentional Cuticle pullback, therefore their complete absence
is due to Fungal Corrosion, observed on All sides of Nail
with prominent inflammation areas and widespread Biofilm
on fingers and hand  (intentionally cropped off original photo)

Fungal Cuticle Corrosion – Inflammation – Biofilm

Exploring Nail Trouble 4-1-MQ

Exploring Nail Trouble 4-2-MQ

All Three Photos display prominent Fungal Corrosion
along –eaten up– Cuticles, dark area 2 &3 (orange – ( -circled)
of indicative Nail root Inflammation and Biofilm on surface
and Third photo shows additional widespread Biofilm
on base of finger ( ( circled in red – (– )

Cuticle Corrosion as in the above photos.

Exploring Nail Trouble5-MQ

Ladies Nail problems are more difficult to detect
because they are usually covered by nail polish
which conceals but can also potentially initiate
or definitely aggravate an existing condition.

Trimming or Pulling back the Cuticles opens area
to vulnerability and is issuing a deadly Invitation
to Fungal problems that once they start and set in
require a lot of effort to contain or reverse
and always subject to chronic recurrent attacks.

Next Soon: (Eyes)
Eyes and Nails –What do YOUR Photos Reveal? (PT2)

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Eyes and Nails–What do YOUR Photos Reveal? (PT1)