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To Read First Eyes and Nails–What do YOUR Photos Reveal? (PT1) 

                           Eyes  (PT 1 of 2)

About Malassezia

Rich, Famous, Powerful, Glamorous Young or Old
– or Poor, Ordinary and Totally Unknown
We All have Malassezia Living on our Bodies.

Malassezia Colonisation2-1 MT

    To the above i would add:

“And can often Cause Problems especially on Elderly,
Chronically Ill and Immuno-compromised individuals”

     Selection of Photos

The Photos presented below were Randomly Selected
for appearing to display Similarities of Symptoms
in order to illustrate the Prevalence of Malassezia

I Remind the Reader that i am Not Qualified
to Diagnose any Medical Condition(s)
and i am only noting ‘what I see’ and shall let the
Regular Readers of Malassezia Blog Malassezia Daily
and Malassezia Health Quest make up their own minds.

    About the Photos

Although All Photos are displayed openly to the Public
and are viewed, no doubt, by thousands of people
Every possible Care has been taken
to Remove any associations with Web Sites
and Best minimise identification of Nail and Eye Owner.

I wish to NOTE that what is visible to my eye
is also easily visible to All individuals visiting those sites.
They are Not Photos taken by a Microscope.

1 tongue on cheekThe only ‘Microscope’ here is my … ‘expert eye’  😛   

How ‘Normal, Healthy and Strong’ Looks 

Before we get to the Malassezia signs of Symptoms, let’s See
How Normal, Strong and Healthy Brows and Lashes Look
(despite what appears to be Biofilm presence under the Eye)

   Normal, Healthy Look of Eyebrows

     (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

            Kings of the ‘Bush’ 

Healthy Eyebrows-MQ

    Normal, Healthy Look of Eyelashes

In Google Image below – i have intentionally modified the Iris
to cover fancy lenses attracting attention, in order to display
without interference, how Normal, Strong Eyelashes should look.
Light Mascara appears to have been applied to enhance the look
but still looking Strong and Healthy – even if without
– unless they are … implants? – but do not appear as being so.

Healthy Eyelashes-MQ

Another possibility: If photo taken by special magnifying lenses
the look could be deceptive, as i noticed with mine below (blue)
-the only one taken by Digital Microscope- where the lower
lashes look Impressively Rich and Dark! 🙂
Any how,  the photo above was chosen only to illustrate
what Healthy, Strong Eyelashes should look … without tricks!
(I wish i could publish my Grand Son’s Eyes
so the Reader would see clearly what i mean
but i am dead against publishing children’s photos on the Net.)

            Sample of  Photos to be Explored

Collection of My Own Photos Presenting Malassezia Symptoms                               (To be Compared to the Collected Photos)

Malassezia Eye Symptoms

Some of the Collected Photos with Detected Similarity of Symptoms                 (To be Presented in Groups for Comparison of Symptoms)

Exploring Eyelash Trouble M 1-MQ

Exploring Eyelash Trouble F 6-MQ

This Topic was intended to be a 2 Part Entry
but Second Part being too long for a single Entry
i thought it best to present it in two parts.
Second Part of Detailed Observations
Coming soon in (PT2/2) 

    More about Malassezia … adventures and Related Entries
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                                       Sonatas  Section

Make up Eyes 1-MQ


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Eyes and Nails–What do YOUR Photos Reveal?(PT2/1)