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To Read First Eyes and Nails–What do YOUR Photos Reveal? (PT1) 
                     Eyes and Nails–What do YOUR Photos Reveal?(PT2/1) 

           About Malassezia 

Rich, Famous, Powerful, Glamorous Young or Old
– or Poor, Ordinary and Totally Unknown
We All have Malassezia Living on our Bodies.

Malassezia on Healthy Individuals 1-MQ

    To the above i would add:

“And can often Cause Problems especially on Elderly,
Chronically Ill and Immuno-compromised individuals”

Selection of Photos – (Re-blogged from P2/1)

The Photos presented below were Randomly Selected
for appearing to display Similarities of Symptoms
in order to illustrate the Prevalence of Malassezia

I Remind the Reader that i am Not Qualified
to Diagnose any Medical Condition(s)
and i am only noting ‘what I see’ and shall let the
Regular Readers of Malassezia Blog Malassezia Daily
and Malassezia Health Quest make up their own minds.

    About the Photos – (Re-blogged from P2/1)

Although All Photos are displayed openly to the Public
and are viewed, no doubt, by thousands of people
Every possible Care has been taken
to Remove any associations with Web Sites
and Best minimise identification of Nail and Eye Owner.

Eyes  (PT 2 / 2)

                 Lower Eyelashes Missing 

Starting with a Photo of mine, displaying almost
complete Absence of Eyelashes on Lower Eyelid

Malassezia affecting Eyelashes-MQ

Below a sample of young and old – healthy or not so- eyes
displaying similar lack of Eyelashes on Lower Eyelid

Exploring Eyelash Trouble M S1-MQ

Exploring Eyelash Trouble M S2-MQ

In the Ladies’ photos we can observe

  •                                Top Eyelid:
  •              Some Very Poor Eyelashes
  •              Some Enhanced with Mascara or Liner
  •              Some clearly Exaggerated Fakes
  •                                Lower Eyelid:
  •             Eyelashes Very Poor or Non Existent

Exploring Eyelash Trouble F 6-MQ

Gritty Encrusted Malassezia on Top Eyelids

Not Easily Visible until Eyelid was Stretched

Malassezia Grit on Eyelash bed-MQ

In Most Photos below a line is clearly visible–no stretching required
and presumably … no Eye-liner was used! 🙂

(Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Exploring Eyelash Trouble MF 4-MQ

Not easy to Find or Detect in Ladies Photos
due to Eye Shadow /Liner cover ups
but still clearly visible and unmistakable, below
as it is short, gritty and irregular – no highlighting line!

Exploring Eyelash Trouble F 7-MQ

Gritty or Scaly Layer takes a Lot of Effort and Time to clear
I still have a thin residue from back then and trying hard
to prevent building up by daily scrupulous maintenance

Biofilm around Eyes

My Photos below are the only ones in these Entries
taken by Digital Microscope a while back, to capture
the Biofilm in the early stage when invisible
–the transparent Shiny edge of eye, in Left photo.
Later stage Orange Colour, above the edge, was easily visible.

Malassezia Biofilm around Eye-MQ

Below: Remember our Perfect Eyelashes Photo above?
Did you happen to notice the Orange edge in the First photo?
– Present in even reasonably healthy eyes!…

Exploring Malassezia similarities G-MQ

More below Surrounding the Eyelids

Exploring Malassezia similarities M-MQ

Below… Blemishes and Patches we cover up with make up?

Exploring Malassezia similarities F-MQ

Affected Eyebrows

My Eyebrows did not escape the assault either.
All has Recovered now but by no means safe for ever after
as there is No such guarantee with Malassezia.

Malassezia affecting Eyebrows-MQ

Nibbling … going on unnoticed?…
It happens suddenly or overtime.
Of note below is the accompanying Biofilm Presence.

Exploring Eyebrow Trouble MF -MQ

I am Not diagnosing Malassezia
-easy yo see, yet hard to be certain-
as there might be other Skin Conditions
causing the above appearances.
I am indicating similarities with Malassezia
and associated Symptoms such as:

  •  Poor or Thinning Eyebrows
  •  Poor Top Eyelashes
  •  Scanty or Non existent Lower eyelashes
  •  Gritty Encrusted layer on Top Eyelash beds
  •  Surrounding Biofilm
  •  Biofilm presence (or dirty /darker shadow)
     which point to likely Malassezia Presence

The Symptoms presented in the Nail and Eye Photos
of (possible) Malassezia, may also be found
with careful observation in One’s Own Photos
simply taken by ordinary or iPhone camera
and viewing on the computer.

What Do YOUR Photos Reveal?…

Eyelashes and Seawater-MQ

Ways of Dealing with these Symptoms
are Detailed in Malassezia Daily

                                       Sonatas  Section

Natural Beauty-MQ

ALetters -MQ

More about Malassezia … adventures and Related Entries
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Eyes and Nails–What do YOUR Photos Reveal?(PT2/2)