Digging Holes in the Skin!

Malassezia Digging Holes-MQ

One Characteristic i have mentioned in Earlier Entries
is how Malassezia seems to lodge in an area persistently until it devastates it
and then it abandons it for quite some time –until … its next chosen time.
I have Speculated it might be that, that particular area does not provide
anymore the elements it needs for continuing its multiplication 
but one rather hard to confirm.

One Consequence i have mentioned in Earlier Entries, is of applying any
Deterrents -Chemical or Natural- that do not Kill it on Impact
thus allowing it to Relocate to a different area.
Whether its Relocation in the new area attracts New batches,
or some part of that particular batch Unaffected by treatment
manages to Reproduce and start a new cycle there, is Unclear to me. 
The Relocation though IS clear and fairly quick, usually to the closest
areas to where treatment was applied, if caught in the initial Mobile stages.
If already settled and solidified, depending on treatment, it dies off gradually
or creates a big -and often painful-mess. 
One good reason for acting Sooner rather than later. 

One Maintenance Rule i apply, also mentioned in Earlier Entries, is that
when i manage to clear an area -either by voluntary departure or consequence
of …war!- once i am sure, i reduce or cease application of deterrents/healers etc.
and allow the Skin to build its own Resistance – until the next round 😦
The same i apply to Less Vulnerable areas where i can feel Temporary Traffic
but usually not followed by trouble, i just wash the area with an old, rough 
face cloth and leave as is, without further protection.

Coming now to the Surprise of the Nasty built of an Overlooked situation:

Namely … the Holy Foot!… TOC

Whether it was the Characteristic or the Consequence or part of the Rule
i am not sure.  The story goes like this: For a few days i was fighting something
and had slightly raised temperature – this drew the yeast in the Genital area,
which prompted me to increase protection there.
As a Consequence it moved away. Then my Temperature went further up
and whatever it was, my Body cleared it and all was restored, including reduction
in protective measures and when i was sure it was all quiet i completely stopped.
Simultaneously though, i noticed after the recovery stage that there was 
systematic traffic under my Foot. Having never had any Lesion problems there, 
i thought it best to wash and leave it alone so that it won’t return back up 
to the privates or Relocate to more vulnerable or sensitive areas.  
As it is hard these days to reach easily my Feet and see the underneath  
i attended  to the area without Looking or applying Protection Day or Night
                                                        BIG MISTAKE! 
By the time i started to actually Feel Pain and Burning and all the Familiar signs
of TROUBLE , it was Too Late!… It had engraved an …Embroidery of Evil work!

Malassezia on Foot 1-MQ

Puffy Swelling – Blood Holes – Cheesy Centers

Malassezia on Foot 2-MQ

Photo1: Puffiness, Swelling around Blood Spot of developing Lesion
Photo 2: Puffiness, Swelling in Raised area, circled, creating two parallel 
                    vertical creases in between Big and Little Toe
Photo 3: Cheesy Centers –shown by arrows

The Swelling indicates accumulation of Liquid/Biofilm under the Skin Surface
meaning until all erupts upwards nothing can affect it except Peroxide
but i could not withstand the hours of Immense Pain let alone the Mess 
it would leave behind, so i was applying different options.
During the Day i  still washed when i felt activity or itchiness, then dried
and instead of using talc which can be absorbed through the open wounds,
i used a large Cotton Wad to Pad the Foot, Absorb Moisture 
which attracts it and Dry Malassezia as it erupted upwards.
This also Prevents Temporarily New Batches settling in the area.

If i still detected activity i alternated Seawater or Acidophilus Mix.
Too much Acidophilus gives me headaches due to the encapsulating 
agents and sugars, so i usually try to keep low usage during the Day
and increase when necessary, or at Night time.

At Night i empty an entire Acidophilus Capsule in a New Cotton Wad
and use Dropper to soak it with Wet Mix, to Work and Protect.
Once Malassezia has Passed the Spore stage
Acidophilus has the upper hand!

All Activity and Lesion Expansion in the area has now Ceased
and is in the Healing Stage, so i am keeping a vigilant eye
and making sure it is Dry at all times.

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Digging Holes in the Skin!