Malassezia-Antibiotics & Other Chemical Treatments

Malassezia Antibiotics and Chemicals

K1- “pityrosporum folliculitis treatment on forehead with Vaseline”
K2- “enzymes that eat Malassezia”
Q1- “can selsun gold shampoo kill fungal spores in skin and hair”
Q2- “does isoporpyl alcohol kill malasezzia”

Some of these Keywords i have already addressed in earlier Entries here
and All of them Several times and in Length in Both ‘Parent Blogs’
so i shall address them here only briefly.

K1- “pityrosporum folliculitis treatment on forehead with Vaseline”
Vaseline is not a suitable treatment for this particular purpose.

Re-Pertoleum Jelly- MQ

              Vaseline Being Petroleum jelly 
and Malassezia thriving in Grease and Jellies
it would classify as in the inappropriate use category.

K2- “enzymes that eat Malassezia”
I don’t know if there are any kind of Enzymes obtainable
other than the Digestive ones, which had No effect whatsoever
on Malassezia either Consuming Internally or Applying on Skin.

I initially got the idea they might work and to trial them
because pets lick themselves when they are wounded
and because … i too had tried the direct trick once! …
applying saliva on a small lesion and found some quick relief
-but not a clear indication saliva enzymes killed.
Back then i was desperate and prepared to try Anything
even if it could killed me… I am much wiser now…

Q1- “can selsun gold shampoo kill fungal spores in skin and hair”
NO- It can Not. I still use it once in a blue moon.
Among the Numerous ones i have trialled i have only found One
that appears to do so or does better than all others.
I have written in detail about Both of them in earlier Entries

Many Topics have been discussed or expanded
in the “Keyword – Questions” Categories, in this site 
and in  Malassezia Daily

Q2- “does isoporpyl alcohol kill malasezzia”
Not unless Malassezia is fully immersed in it.
I have written in detail about it in Both Malassezia Parent Blogs.

K3- “care after applied dettol to scrotum”
Ouch!…this must have hurt!…
Dettol is no good and most especially for this area.
More Details in Both Parent Blogs

K4- “monistat for parasites mites” 
K6- “malassezia by antibiotics”
Keyword K4 refers to parasite mites
But i shall address it here
a) because the Reader may be referring to Malassezia as parasites
in which case i must clarify that it is Not a Parasite as such
but Part of the Commensal Body Flora, and  
b) because Monistat is Prescribed for Yeast Infections
which makes it Relevant anyway.

Quick research into Monistat:

Monistat (Miconazole Nitrate) is an Azole antifungal

Monstat 1-MQ

I wonder why one should consult their Doctor /Pharmacist
before using it, if they have frequent vaginal infections
since it is Prescribed as a Treatment for Yeast Infections?…

Could it be because of this Statement below, regarding
increased risk by antibiotics, considering Monistat IS an Antibiotic?

Monstat 2-MQ

And this does not apply only to Vaginal Yeast Infections

Antibiotics and PityroReinfestation -MQ

I have already written in Details in Earlier Entries in Both Parent Blogs
about my Personal Experiences and Results regarding
the Azole Antifungals in their different types and uses 


Azole – Definition of Azole by Medical Dictionary:
A family of synthetic broad-spectrum antifungal antibiotics
–including ketoconazole, fluconazole, itraconazole.

(Many More – Not included above)

Adverse effects N&V, anorexia, rash, pruritus,
nonspecific liver enzymes, anemia, leukopenia,
thrombocytopenia, headache, etc
Drug interactions Plasma levels of azoles are by antacids,
H2-receptor antagonists, sucralfate, isoniazid, phenytoin, rifampin.
McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine 
© 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

(The Two in Bold are TB medications)


K5-” toxic side effects of malassezia treatment”
I have written in Detail about All treatments i have used
Results and side effects throughout, several times and in All Blogs.
It would be impossible to put all this in one Entry here.

K6- “malassezia by antibiotics”
My Entire Story right from the Start Blog 1 some 6 years back
has been the Basis of the Effect of Long Term use of Antibiotics
Not Only in regards to Malassezia turning from
Harmless Commensal Flora to a Torturing Pathogen
but also the General Devastating Effects upon my Entire Body
and the Limited capabilities and Disjointed ways
it is now left to Operate with as a Result.
I am Paying a Price i had Never envisaged or Imagined possible
and the main Reason i have practically turned
into a Natural Health Evangelist type of Preacher
in the hope that my shared experiences and hard learning
might help informing and possibly saving others.

I shall repeat and conclude here saying:
All the Chemicals – Antifungals – Antibiotics
we Use for whatever Reasons or Causes, Internally or Externally,
have a Cumulative Effect on Our Body, Its Major and Minor
Organs and General Immunity Systems, i.e Different types
of Protective Systems – Internal and External.
NONE can have ANY Permanent Effect on Malassezia
due to its High Chances of Recurrence
while Adding to the Immune Imbalance.
Restoration of Immunity is the ONLY way to Permanent Cure
i.e Converting Malassezia back to a Commensal State
by suppressing its Proliferation and ability to grow to Hyphal Forms.
I have Proved it Can be done to a great Degree,
-Earlier Sample Photos compared to Recent ones, adequately indicate so-
but it is too late for me to achieve a complete reversal.
I strongly believe, Many people in better condition
and without major underlying illness can achieve that
if only willing and having the strength to apply and adhere
to Strict Discipline – Compared to a Continual battle
with the Potential to get worse under adverse circumstances.

Defensive Immunity-MQ

                        Sonatas  Section

Chronic Condition-MQ

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Malassezia-Antibiotics and Other Chemical Treatments