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A Brief Addressing of Previously Presented Issues

Q1- “can you get pityrosporum on your lips”
Q2- “crawling sensation around the rim of my lips with bruising”
YES, also on Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Nostrils etc
Basically the Entire Body -not just isolated areas- is its Planet.
Samples collected and viewed under 2 types of Microscopes
Display its Presence in all Different Stages and Characteristics.

Q3- “what causes labia prickling”
Malassezia does
But this does Not Exclude Numerous Other Possible Causes.
Prickling sensation is felt when it starts to Dig into the Skin.
In the Yeast form Temporary Reddening and Pain may follow
with no other symptoms. In the Hyphal Form it creates Lesions
that unless interrupted they remain Active and Reproducing
for approximately four weeks.

Q4- “is scalp yeast infection contagious”
YES, but all depends on the Individual’s Immune System
whether it becomes a problem or not – considering that
Malassezia is Present at All times on All People’s Bodies
but kept under control by a Normal Immune System.

Q5- “is melassezia contagiuos to other dogs”
Q6- “is malassezia contagious between pets”
I cannot answer this question with certainty
I only assume and extrapolate it might be similar to humans
i e Depending on the Animal’s Immunity Strength

Q7- “morgellons symptoms do they include matted hair”
This Question can only be Answered by those
who Name their Symptoms and Condition as ‘Morgellons’.
Morgellons -so far-is Not Medically Recognised 
either as a Cause or Condition.
Malassezia causes Matted Hair
I Cut mine Regularly and Keep Short
to minimise Biofilm and Spore presence and accumulation.
I have written several Entries regarding Morgellons’
Possible Misdiagnosis or Connection with Malassezia
and Hair /Scalp Care in MB & MD Blogs

Q8- “why are parts of my vagina purple black”
Malassezia Symptom and Possible Cause
-Not excluding Other possibilities-
as it Burrows under the skin creating Blood Blisters
and drawing Blood for its Reproduction Requirements.

Q9-” is my trich due to Malassezia”
If by ‘Trich’ Reader means Trichotillomania
-What a Confusing term!- 😦
Malassezia is Considered to Cause or Contribute to it
as it causes Burning and Itching and a strong Urge to Pull the Hair
offering a sense of relief, something i experienced strongly
but briefly during a bad stage of Scalp Infestation
so i am only able to verify the Connection
but not to determine the Cause of Trichotillomania
as there have been other causes attributed to it
Of course when one goes to a Specialist with Malassezia
they come out with an ‘Its All in your Head/Nerves etc’ diagnosis
termed ‘Delusional Parasitosis’, so who knows… 
Trichotillomania, may be a similar victim of Specialist ignorance
but in this case i might be too in regards to it 
as i have not delved into any Scientific explanations about it.
I have written more and included info links about Trich
in the Parent MB and MD Blogs.

Q10-” is demodex slimy”
Q11-“can demodex leave scratch marks on skin”
I am not sure what are these questions specifically referring to
Q10- I am not sure what is the Reader specifically asking
-Slimy as having a Biofilm? – Slimy in itself ? – Slimy mess on Skin?
Demodex is not a Yeast and i don’t know if it creates Biofilm.
Some Photos on the Internet -if correctly diagnosed as Demodex-
indicate a local mass appearing as ‘Fatty’ or Slimy
but i have no personal experience on how it looks or feels.

Q11- Again, is the question referring to the equivalent of
Paper Scratch Marks of Malassezia – or General Scars?
From Internet Photos -if correctly diagnosed as Demodex-
the Bumps and Lesions appear similar
but i have No personal experience.
(More in Related earlies Demodex Entries)

Q12-“what does malasserzia feed on”
I have not found specific information regarding its ‘Food’
I have thought about this question a lot and in connection
with the only Information i have found in regards to it

Malassezia Composition1 MQ

The Purpose of Food /Feeding/Eating is to Build and Sustain a Body
– Specific to each creature. Creature ‘Eats’ – Body ‘Utilises’
If we Interpret the word ‘Uses’ as i have described above
then we can say it Requires these elements and the question then
is shifted to: How Does it Obtain them?
Many of the Questions asked by Readers can be answered
in a Number of Entries –Each dealing with the topic in Different ways
or from Different angles. That is why i have been saying that
if one is truly interested to know and not wanting quick shallow answers
has to devote time to Read through – Not ‘Scan’ through quickly…
This topic especially is one of them and so is the one below.

Q13- “foods that cause malasezzia yeasts”
I am not sure if any foods can ‘cause’ Malassezia
since it is Part of Natural Body Flora
but Some, such as Cooked Indigestible Fats, Refined Sugars, Alcohol
certainly contribute to its proliferation especially in combination with
other factors such as Constipation, Colon Congestion, Poor Fibre intake.
( More in Related Earlier Entries)

Q14-“can malassezia furfur affect the digestive system”
Although i have been Sceptical about its Survival in the Stomach
i have experienced a few incidents when my entire mouth has felt
coated with its specific strong smell and bitter-sour taste of its Biofilm
right down to the oesophagus and to a miserably sick stomach
that holds ‘slimy’ food for hours as if not knowing what to do with it.
As for the rest of the Digestive tract from the small to the large Intestines
and the Final part of the Internal Anal area, it thrives growing hyphae
and Utilising readily available Nutrients.
I don’t know how long or If it eventually survives the stomach juices
but for the rest of the digestive tract there is No Doubt in my mind
that Interferes and Robs, if not even Damaging the walls given a chance.
I have Published Sample Photos under Microscope showing hyphae
and Blood presence. (See Entries in Photo Analysis Category)

Q15- “where does malassezia come from”
    Lol!…   An Evil …Stork brings them of course 😀


It appears the Answer might be:
‘It is Practically Everywhere’

Malasseia Ubiquitous 1
More Detailed Information about All of the above Questions
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I intended ‘Quick YES – NO’ Answers but i found it impossible
due to the nature of some Questions to strictly do so.
I also intended to address only New Keywords or add new elements.
I find though that having already presented many Q Topics

throughout my Primary Blogs, this creates unnecessary extra work
so this is the end of addressing any Q Topic Repetitions. 

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