Malassezia: Chilli Hot Horror? – Flowers in the Field?

Malassezia and Chilli -MQ


       Chillippeps -MQ

When i asked Peppers of all kinds


Yellow, Green, Red – Hot or Mild
-including Chilli Powder-
if they Could Kill Malassezia
They all invariably Looked at me like this

Horrified Peppers -MQ

Need i say more???…..

K2- “killing malassezia with natural food”

I have not found Any Foods, Herbs or Supplements
                 Killing Yeast Directly
or Any immediate Noticeable Change
nor Signs of Steady, Sustainable Changes

I have noticed some marked Differences
in Yeast Activity -in Overall Diet Quality,
such as

1- High or Low Hydrating Quality of Foods
2- Degree of Digestibility  (1)
3- Adequate amount of Fibre

(1) Depending on 
a) Type of Ingredients (2) 
b) Way of Processing  and Cooking (3) 
c) Presence of Nutrients
– most importantly Live Enzymes Retained

              (2) For Foods & Conditions Contributing to Yeast Proliferation                                                              See Related Entries in  Malassezia Daily   
             (3) Put Simply… Best if Food is Not Dead!

       Can one Kill what is …already Dead? 🙂

I have noticed Temporary Activity and Reduction
after Cleansing the Colon area
or Applying Acidophilus Topically Externally.

(Due to the encapsulating agents causing me Headaches
i have been unable to take Acidophilus Orally long enough
to adequately observe and assess any Internal
Substantial, Sustained effect.)


      Between Fun and Seriousness 

Take a Moment to Laugh -MQ

Q1- “very tiny black thing comes in urine what is it”

                Yep!… good question! what is it?

Q2- “is yeast morfellona”
Morfellona??? …A Medieval witch? … or heroine?…

K1- “the skin on my pubic area feels like its crawling”                                       Any skin, in any area ‘feels like crawling’ when it hears the word


K2- “genital sores that are purple and looks like flowers”

                      A Forbidden Garden? TOC

OK, I have a Little Devil in Me and i m heading ‘down’ …fast

Little Dark Devil -MQ

None of the above is a laughing matter – i know first hand
but seeing the funny side of things helps coping with the dreary.

                            So Let’s get some Help -MQ

Q1- “very tiny black thing comes in urine what is it”
Very hard to tell without viewing the very tiny black thing
and even if visible to the naked eye it would likely require
a Microscope and an Expert to tell.
I would take a Photo if possible, transfer it to the Computer
and Zoom it to see if there are any clues.

Q2- “is yeast morfellona”
May we assume this was typed on an iPhone
and meant to be Morgellons?
Well – No!- Yeast is Not Morgellons
– if one could tell what exactly Morgellons is-
but many symptoms ascribed to it are similar
if not identical to ones produced by Malassezia.

K1- “the skin on my pubic area feels like its crawling”
Crawiling is usually felt when Malassezia develops Hyphae
Often it digs into that place and starts drawing blood
and multiplying – but sometimes it just dries and dies.

K2- “genital sores that are purple and looks like flowers”
Not quite a desired kind of Flower arrangement…Lol!
Yes, it is several Blood Bubbles of incubating Malassezia
forming a Cluster which with an artistic imagination
can look like a Flower but with the potential to develop
open up and turn into Burning Fire…

*More Details about Foods – in Food and Diet Related Entries                                                  More Details about Morgellons – in Morgellons Related Entries
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Coming Soon Diet EXP-MQ

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Understanding Malassezia -MQ

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Malassezia: Chilli Hot Horror – Flowers in the Field?